Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16-Feb-2016 13:20

In pictures: Bafta Film Awards 2016 :: Winners, losers, gowns and gongs
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35574873#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Social media boosts transplant search :: The family of a 13-year-old girl urgently seeking a blood stem cell donor are "amazed" by the social media response they have had.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35570340#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

The secret letters of Pope John Paul II :: Letters seen by the BBC to Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, a married woman, shed new light on Pope John Paul II's emotional life.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35552997#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

In pictures: Contemporary view :: Winning images from the LensCulture annual Exposure Awards.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-35559387#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Why is the UK still printing its laws on vellum? :: After a U-turn, the UK government is to continue printing and storing its laws on vellum. Shouldn't it go digital?
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35569281#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Huge fire engulfs venue at "Make in India" event :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/bIUHdMSUDuM/story01.htm

Nifty ends 2.6 percent higher, led by banks :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/RtFVQLjsvnA/story01.htm

Ripples came too late for gravity bet :: Two physicists who placed a long-odds bet that gravitational waves would be detected by 2010 say the discovery is "worth much more" than the £2,500 they missed out on.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-35560929#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Students protest in thousands as government cracks down on dissent :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/nV81yOisgFw/story01.htm

Nation must focus on mental health - PM :: David Cameron has called for the nation to focus on mental health after a review revealed inadequate, underfunded care, leading to "thousands of tragic and unnecessary deaths".
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35565216#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

RBI chief Rajan says not in favour of devaluing exchange rate :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/WmXPRA6lI5w/story01.htm

India's exports shrink in January; RBI against devaluation :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/oas7eM0TOtU/story01.htm

Ordnance Survey releases Mars map :: British mapping agency Ordnance Survey has released an easy-to-read map of terrain from the planet Mars.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35579849#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Stephen Fry explains Twitter departure :: Bafta show host Stephen Fry confirms he has left Twitter in the wake of his "bag lady" comments during the show, saying "the fun is over".
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35581577#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Pakistani university reopens after attack; teachers allowed guns :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/KwJk1yuF1CQ/story01.htm

Province in Muslim Pakistan passes landmark Hindu marriage bill :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/OMYM7WQXRHw/story01.htm

Kentucky lawmaker takes aim at anti-abortion law with 'Viagra' bill :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/MostRead/~3/_WpBxHuh5t4/story01.htm

India underline credentials as World T20 favourites :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/ns-xAY-yygE/story01.htm

Extinct plant discovered in amber :: Biologists describe a new species of extinct plant, based on two fossil flowers that were trapped in chunks of amber for at least 15 million years.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-35582991#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Foreclosure crisis snarls Clinton, Sanders' efforts to reach Nevada voters :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/MostRead/~3/Mlu8JPQt26o/story01.htm

VIDEO: How dangerous are lasers to pilots? :: Should laser pointers be banned after a flight was forced to turn back when one was shone into the cockpit?
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-35582547#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Syria's Assad doesn't see ceasefire possible within a week - Reuters :: url: http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&ct2=us&usg�QjCNGAMhZuJ2bvXjz7NxSnyxWuRDrvkw&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779048214959&ei=CQzDVtiyK4z8yAPj6JSoDw&url=http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-assad-idUSKCN0VO2AJ

Kanye West asks Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion for his 'ideas' :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/BxyWnWNe_CY/story01.htm

Around 50 dead as missiles hit medical centers and schools in Syrian towns :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/MostRead/~3/0ouINRB5xVU/story01.htm

Kanye West asks Facebook's Zuckerberg for $1 billion for his 'ideas' :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/MostRead/~3/tL7LbYgnvUU/story01.htm

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high - UN - Reuters :: url: http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&ct2=us&usg�QjCNHoKueqQUac-LNWCKq-vzE7NQ4hmg&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779046752099&ei=CQzDVtiyK4z8yAPj6JSoDw&url=http://www.reuters.com/article/afghanistan-casualties-record-high-un-idUSKCN0VN08F

China seen boosting defence spending as South China Sea, reforms weigh :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/INtopNews/~3/ra591qucyM4/story01.htm

US hospital held to ransom by hackers :: Computer systems at a Hollywood medical centre have been offline for more than a week following a "ransomware" attack.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35584081#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa

Four U.S. journalists detained in Bahrain: journalists group :: url: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/MostRead/~3/ST-ibeoegaQ/story01.htm

VIDEO: It's HOW much to raise a child? :: The average cost of raising a child from birth to the age of 21 in modern Britain now equates roughly to the cost of a semi-detached house.
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35582644#sa-ns_mchannel=rss&ns_source=PublicRSS20-sa


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