Friday, January 29, 2016

29-Jan-2016 16:18

Design is settled for Ariane 6 :: The design for Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket has been settled and development will now move on apace to an anticipated first launch in 2020, say officials.

Why some Greek pensioners may have to forage to survive :: Why some Greek pensioners may have to forage to survive

Quiz of the week's news :: Which of these stars was accused of being too posh?

Motorcycle diaries: The new wave of Indian bikers :: In India, motorcycling for fun is no longer just for the hardcore enthusiasts - photographer Rahul Dhankani has been capturing the growing trend.

Why do Kenyans want US help to solve a billion dollar mystery? :: Kenyans tweet US Attorney General for help finding 'missing' money

VIDEO: The family who save unloved cinemas :: The family who rescue unloved cinemas

In pictures: Oruro carnival :: Photojournalist Fellipe Abreu and reporter Luiz Felipe Silva tell the story of the Oruro carnival in Bolivia, one of Latin America's most colourful festivities.

How would EU exit affect football? :: A range of views on the impact Britain leaving or remaining in the EU would have on the Premier League and English football.

NHS to carry out UK hand transplants :: Hand transplants are to be carried out on the NHS, with the "highly complex procedure" available from April, health officials say.

Short home care visits 'plague system' :: Unacceptably short 15-minute home care visits to elderly and disabled people are still plaguing the care system in England, a report suggests.

Is the UK really in Scandinavia? :: The UK has been caught in a long tug-of-war about its identity, which will only become more intense as the EU referendum approaches, says Sean Coughlan.

Trump overshadows Republican debate even as he sits it out :: url:

Trump steps up attacks with 'bimbo' tweet before Fox News debate :: url:

The downside of being a property guardian :: The dark side of being a property guardian

Daniel Radcliffe's stiff challenge :: Playing a corpse 'tough but rewarding' for Daniel Radcliffe

North Korea activity points to possible space launch: U.S. officials :: url:

Nearly 400 people ill after attending Kansas dinner theater :: url:

North Korea activity points to possible space launch - U.S. officials :: url:

WHO says Zika virus spreads explosively, four million cases forecast :: url:

Barbie gets curvy in real-world body makeover :: url:

Chinese sonar vessel to join search for missing Malaysian jet :: url:

U.S. economy likely hit a speed bump in fourth quarter :: url:

Amazon shares plunge as record profit still misses estimates :: url:

VIDEO: Navy warships face engine refit :: The Royal Navy's fleet of Type 45 destroyers keep breaking down because of a flaw in their propulsion system and will require a multi-million pound refit

Reuters Poll: Jaitley can let deficit slip, go for growth - economists :: url:

Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kantner dies at age 74 :: NEW YORK (AP) -- Paul Kantner, a founding member of the Jefferson Airplane who stayed with the seminal San Francisco band through its transformation from 1960s hippies to 1970s hit makers as the eventual leader of successor group Jefferson Starship, has died at age 74....

Yes Bank Q3 net profit up 25 pct, beats estimates :: url:

VIDEO: 'The elephant NOT in the room' :: US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has boycotted a major televised debate for Republican contenders.

Williams seeking to join Graf with Australian Open win :: url:

India's fiscal deficit reaches nearly 88 pct of full-year target in Dec - govt :: url:

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