Friday, January 29, 2016

29-Jan-2016 13:15

Russia says studying proposal for global oil production cuts :: url:

Design is settled for Ariane 6 :: The design for Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket has been settled and development will now move on apace to an anticipated first launch in 2020, say officials.

Yen on the defensive before BOJ, dollar nurses losses :: url:

Why some Greek pensioners may have to forage to survive :: Why some Greek pensioners may have to forage to survive

Quiz of the week's news :: Which of these stars was accused of being too posh?

Motorcycle diaries: The new wave of Indian bikers :: In India, motorcycling for fun is no longer just for the hardcore enthusiasts - photographer Rahul Dhankani has been capturing the growing trend.

U.S. crude extends rise on hopes of supply cuts to tackle glut :: url:

Why do Kenyans want US help to solve a billion dollar mystery? :: Kenyans tweet US Attorney General for help finding 'missing' money

VIDEO: The family who save unloved cinemas :: The family who rescue unloved cinemas

In pictures: Oruro carnival :: Photojournalist Fellipe Abreu and reporter Luiz Felipe Silva tell the story of the Oruro carnival in Bolivia, one of Latin America's most colourful festivities.

Will a new Taiwan assert itself on the world stage? - CNN :: url:�QjCNEgNChYXd91EKloJmfeeLlnolrfAQ&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779038295690&ei=klCrVoidLYb7yAOvpIH4Cg&url=

Zika outbreak: The mosquito menace :: Why the mosquito that spreads the Zika virus is flourishing in the urban environment.

How would EU exit affect football? :: A range of views on the impact Britain leaving or remaining in the EU would have on the Premier League and English football.

NHS to carry out UK hand transplants :: Hand transplants are to be carried out on the NHS, with the "highly complex procedure" available from April, health officials say.

Short home care visits 'plague system' :: Unacceptably short 15-minute home care visits to elderly and disabled people are still plaguing the care system in England, a report suggests.

Is the UK really in Scandinavia? :: The UK has been caught in a long tug-of-war about its identity, which will only become more intense as the EU referendum approaches, says Sean Coughlan.

Trump overshadows Republican debate even as he sits it out :: url:

Trump steps up attacks with 'bimbo' tweet before Fox News debate :: url:

Microsoft beats Wall Street view on high demand for cloud products :: url:

The downside of being a property guardian :: The dark side of being a property guardian

Daniel Radcliffe's stiff challenge :: Playing a corpse 'tough but rewarding' for Daniel Radcliffe

Gold heads for best month in a year as US data disappoints :: url:

North Korea activity points to possible space launch: U.S. officials :: url:

Asia stocks jump, yen weakens as BOJ stuns with negative rates :: url:

Nearly 400 people ill after attending Kansas dinner theater :: url:

North Korea activity points to possible space launch - U.S. officials :: url:

WHO says Zika virus spreads explosively, four million cases forecast :: url:

Barbie gets curvy in real-world body makeover :: url:

Chinese sonar vessel to join search for missing Malaysian jet :: url:

U.S. economy likely hit a speed bump in fourth quarter :: url:

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