Friday, January 29, 2016

29-Jan-2016 03:12

'Derby defeat could get me sacked' :: Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal says an FA Cup defeat at Derby could get him sacked for a "fourth time" this season.

Tory quits bullying scandal inquiry :: One of the most senior officials in the Conservative Party quits his role overseeing the inquiry into bullying within the party, following an investigation by BBC Newsnight.

Disneyland suspect 'feared for safety' :: A man arrested carrying two guns at a hotel near Disneyland Paris tells French police he was armed because he feared for his safety.

Coe denies bribery warning for Worlds :: Lord Coe has denied claims he alerted UK Athletics to allegations of bribes offered to host the 2017 World Championships.

Is the US Looking for a 'Settlement' with Assad? - TIME :: url:�QjCNEKjzSnMECd4bD-r1PWKIlmn4CLwg&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779038808958&ei=NsOqVoi1JaHwygPkzpjACg&url=

Russia says studying proposal for global oil production cuts :: url:

North Korea Could Be Preparing For Missile Test, Officials Say - ABC News :: url:�QjCNHcFD5094EPeQakJxzqW-69Qgt-vw&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779038386836&ei=NsOqVoi1JaHwygPkzpjACg&url=

VIDEO: Why Trump's supporters love him :: Republican 2016 presidential candidates are due to take to the debate stage in Iowa with the exception of Donald Trump.

Design is settled for Ariane 6 :: The design for Europe's new Ariane 6 rocket has been settled and development will now move on apace to an anticipated first launch in 2020, say officials.

UK 'closing in on EU benefits deal' :: The UK is closing in on a deal that would allow it to deny in-work benefits to workers from other parts of the EU for up to four years, the BBC is told.

The Latest: 'Affluenza' teen attorneys say Couch will behave - Washington Post :: url:�QjCNE5eaQscKjuFpbUOb73mSI5RKfqOw&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779038297383&ei=NsOqVoi1JaHwygPkzpjACg&url=

EU referendum: UK 'closes in on EU in-work benefits deal' - BBC News :: url:�QjCNHDpyvnjadpMwZVMjSobyp1uGkgBA&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779038341372&ei=NsOqVoi1JaHwygPkzpjACg&url=

Yen on the defensive before BOJ, dollar nurses losses :: url:

Asia stocks cautious as oil bounces, BOJ awaited :: url:

'Big Bang' star wows with dance :: url:

Place with an eternal spring climate :: url:

World's longest flight is coming :: url:

Schizophrenia clue 'groundbreaking' :: url:

WHO says Zika virus spreads explosively, 4 million cases forecast :: url:

Deported 'affluenza' teen booked into Texas detention center :: FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -- The teenager who used an "affluenza" defense in a fatal drunken-driving wreck was booked into a Texas juvenile detention center following his deportation from Mexico on Thursday, more than a month after he and his mother fled the U.S. as prosecutors investigated whether he had violated his probation....

U.S. crude extends rise on hopes of supply cuts to tackle glut :: url:

Syrian talks are set to begin, but no one is sure who is coming - Washington Post :: url:�QjCNHzEdJBDi-pk4ioA1fv4oD42aGYtQ&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR779038086537&ei=NsOqVoi1JaHwygPkzpjACg&url=

Microsoft beats Wall Street view on high demand for cloud products :: url:

Students in crisis and EU 'compromise' :: Literacy and numeracy standards, an EU benefits deal and Cecil Rhodes' statue all make front page headlines.

Oregon occupation simmers as law enforcement surround holdouts :: url:

VIDEO: The family who save unloved cinemas :: A mother and two sons have rescued three small cinemas. What drives this family passion for film?

Assad's ex-PM: He doesn't want peace :: url:

N. Korea 'may have partial H-bomb' :: url:

The Latest: Trump: $5 million raised for vets ahead of rally :: DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The Latest on developments from the 2016 Republican race for president, less than a week out from the Iowa caucuses (all times local):...

Law official: Man shot was reaching toward waistband :: BURNS, Ore. (AP) -- A spokesman for the armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge who died in a confrontation with officers earlier this week was shot when he reached for his waistband, a law enforcement official said Thursday....

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