Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30-Sep-2015 11:38

Crowds Gather to Remember Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution, One Year On - TIME :: url:�QjCNEd9Ac9NdcgkifzqfUKsHTCtczB_A&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR778958923706&ei�sLVrj4M4m_yAPI75q4Dg&url=

The woman who saved her rapist's life :: In 2014, Susan Copestick made the choice to save the life of her rapist, and former partner, Peter Drummond. Why did she take this decision?

Stem cell trial aims to cure blindness :: Surgeons in London use human embryonic stem cells to try to cure blindness in a patient.

Eight radical taxes that have been floated :: The "Robin Hood tax" is in the headlines. It's one of a slew of radical tax proposals.

RBI's Rajan: cut rates by 50 bps due to slowing global economy :: url:

Sensex ends up after RBI's bigger-than-expected rate cut :: url:

Modi calls for climate change agenda that helps developing countries :: url:

India cuts interest rates more than expected as RBI "front-loads" :: url:

Medical devices attract hackers :: Researchers have found evidence that thousands of critical medical machines, such as MRI scanners, are available to access online.

Parents want bigger voice in schools :: Fewer than a fifth of parents in England think the government listens to them about their children's education, suggests research.

Families divided, residents flee from Afghan city under siege :: url:

Sri Lanka war crimes resolution softened before U.N. debate :: url:

Saudi Police Say 1100 Photos of Dead Are From Start of Hajj - New York Times :: url:�QjCNFQmkluCR0C5JyDOLays6IxsJ7zLA&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR778960978737&ei�sLVrj4M4m_yAPI75q4Dg&url=

Match of the Day-singing parrots stolen :: Two Match of the Day theme tune-singing parrots are stolen in a burglary in Middlesbrough.

Google adds wi-fi to old hi-fis :: Google unveils a budget-priced accessory that lets old hi-fis and other speaker systems stream audio over wi-fi.

Envoys in Bangladesh limit movements after Islamic State claims attack :: url:

Taliban attack airport after seizing northern Afghan city :: url:

Why Merkel's Kindness to Asylum Seekers Could Reflect a German Soft Spot for Islam - Huffington Post :: url:�QjCNFU7bPGzyxZGjO74eYaqVaN3TaPHA&clid�a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cidR778960442252&ei�sLVrj4M4m_yAPI75q4Dg&url=

The gay marriage proposal that's the talk of China :: Two men getting engaged becomes the talk of China

Google unveils latest Nexus phones, tablet :: url:

Twitter may expand 140-character limit with new product :: url:

Corbyn: Britain 'can and must change' :: Jeremy Corbyn says people do not have to accept inequality - and promises a "kinder politics" - in his Labour conference speech.

Global stocks hit two-year lows on commodity outlook; biotechs fall :: url:

Phone box turned into 'concert hall' :: A red phone box is turned into a "concert hall" offering an interactive experience with the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Death toll from air strike on Yemen wedding party rises above 130: medics :: url:

Volkswagen staff 'acted criminally' :: Olaf Lies, a Volkswagen board member and economy minister of Lower Saxony has told Newsnight some staff acted criminally over emission cheat tests.

Obama, Castro meet as they work on thawing U.S.-Cuba ties :: url:

U.S. whistleblower Snowden draws crowd with Twitter debut :: url:

Gatland threatens to drop Wales stars :: Warren Gatland tells his Wales stars that anyone lacking intensity in training will be dropped from the team to face Fiji.

Powers struggle to agree on Syria; Russia urged to strike Islamic State :: url:

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