Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30-Sep-2015 03:29

The ex-Muslim Britons who are persecuted for being atheists :: Many people take for granted the right to choose to leave the religion of their childhood. But not everybody has that choice.

In pictures: 'Supermoon' rising :: Rare coincidence of a lunar eclipse and a so-called "supermoon"

Pakistani pilgrim saved wheelchair-bound wife from haj stampede :: url:

Water flows on Mars, raising possibility that planet could support life – scientists :: url:

At U.N., Obama and Putin clash over working with Syria's Assad :: url:

Afghan Taliban seize Kunduz city center in landmark gain :: url:

Wall Street drops as anxious investors eye China :: url:

New York woman gets seven years prison for helping inmates escape :: url:

Is your home about to get a lot smarter? :: How wi-fi enabled gadgets are making your property smarter

Google chief on search's new frontier :: Google chief discusses what comes next

VIDEO: Jumping towards a brighter future :: The trampoline club keeping children out of trouble

UK scientists start stem cell trial of potential blindness cure :: url:

A nation of tall cheese-eaters :: How a nation of cheese-lovers became the world's tallest

Modi calls for climate change agenda that helps developing countries :: url:

VIDEO: The doctor paying a high price for tweeting from a war zone :: The doctor who was kidnapped for what he tweeted

Congress moves on spending bill as shutdown deadline looms :: url:

The woman who saved her rapist's life :: Why one woman saved her rapist's life

At U.N., Obama and Putin clash over working with Syria's Assad :: url:

At U.N., Castro says U.S. must end embargo to have normal Cuba ties :: url:

Mixed messages as Fed officials go public in force :: url:

Obama, Putin discuss Syria; essential difference over Assad remains :: url: back in service after second outage :: url:

Glencore slumps 30 percent as debt fears grow :: url:

How the word paparazzi was chosen :: Why does paparazzo mean a pushy photographer?

India delays implementation of bigger tobacco pack warnings :: url:

RBI to work with govt to ensure rate cut transmission :: url:

Finance Minister Jaitley welcomes RBI rate cut :: url:

Stem cell trial aims to cure blindness :: Surgeons in London use human embryonic stem cells to try to cure blindness in a patient.

Eight radical taxes that have been floated :: And seven other radical schemes to raise money

RBI's Rajan: cut rates by 50 bps due to slowing global economy :: url:

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