Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16-Sep-2015 23:18

Daybreak in Myanmar :: Photographer Geoffrey Hiller's pictures of daily life in Myanmar.

Where did the word 'crisis' come from? :: A word that dominates the media. But what are its roots?

Delhi hospitals could lose licences over reports they turned away dying children :: url:

Migrant crisis: Business in 'The Jungle' :: Making money in Calais migrant camp

India probing Kingfisher Airlines over alleged financial irregularities :: url:

North Korea says main nuclear complex operational; warns U.S :: url:

Hungary shuts EU border, taking migrant crisis into its own hands :: url:

VIDEO: 'Shot in Joburg': Homeless pick up cameras :: South Africa's homeless being trained as photographers

Pier and boat store on at-risk list :: The UK's top 10 at-risk buildings

Smuggling people into the country thousands want to leave :: The country where migrants leaving may be shot on sight

Call for mass de-worming exercise :: A large-scale de-worming treatment programme is needed to rid some 1.5 billion people of these harmful and unpleasant parasites, say researchers.

Meet the location collectors :: Meet the enthusiasts who spend their time collecting locations

'Miraculous' recovery for Peshawar schoolboy :: Peshawar massacre schoolboy making 'miraculous' recovery

UPDATE 5-HP to cut up to 30,000 more jobs in enterprise business :: url:

Johnny Depp brings 'Black Mass' to Toronto :: url:

Before They Were Fallen :: Louis Quail's images recreating family photographs without those lost in the conflict in Afghanistan.

Ending child labour by 2025 farcical as India plans to allow family work :: url:

Malcolm Turnbull: 11 things to know :: What links Bagpuss to the new Australian PM?

U.S. presidential contender Donald Trump vows to fix veterans' care :: url:

Boeing KC-46A tanker to make first flight on Sept. 25: U.S. Air Force :: url:

U.S. universities lead in innovation, Asia a rising power :: url:

Seattle police officer fired over arrest of elderly black man with golf club :: url:

Japan protesters rally as contentious security bills near passage :: url:

The grandmother tackling online bullies :: The grandmother helping teenagers beat online bullies

Interview - India considering allowing state pension funds to invest more in equities :: url:

Child among four killed in Nepal in police firing at charter protest :: url:

Apple faces hurdles as it positions iPad Pro for business use :: url:

Mahindra Auto Steel opens new factory near Pune :: url:

Suspect in shooting of girlfriend and Mississippi professor left behind apology note :: url:

UK diesel pumps 'could run dry' :: Britain's diesel pumps could "run dry" because of a growing dependence on foreign fuel, according to the RAC Foundation.

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