Friday, May 2, 2014

02-May-2014 03:12 Op-Ed

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Bagels, Lox and Me :: For most of us the foods we come to love as children are the foods that will cry out to us for the rest of our lives.

Op-Ed Contributor: Nurses Are Not Doctors :: They shouldn't provide primary care without physician oversight.

Op-Ed Contributors: The Right Way to Develop Shale Gas :: The boom can benefit the economy and planet, if we get it right.

Op-Ed Columnist: It's Only a Million :: Things sure have changed since Marilyn Monroe was trying to figure out how to marry a millionaire. Just look at what a politician is worth these days.

Op-Ed Columnist: Job Crushing or Lifesaving? :: Regulations don't kill jobs, they save lives.

Op-Ed Contributor: The Problem With Free Health Care :: The Affordable Care Act makes screening tests like mammograms free. But if you have a breast lump and need a diagnosis, you have to pay.

Op-Ed Contributors: When Black Hair Is Against the Rules :: Military restrictions on African-American styles are discriminatory.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Microscope and Telescope :: Did something deep happen in last week's Supreme Court decision on affirmative action in Michigan? It depends.

Op-Ed Columnist: Deep in the Heart of Don :: Why does the emotional reaction to interpersonal racism drown out the muted response to institutional racism, which actually does more damage?


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