Saturday, April 5, 2014

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TSA to Allow Small Knives on Planes :: The Transportation Security Administration said it would soon allow fliers to carry certain smaller knives onto airplanes, one of the biggest moves to scale back airport-security measures since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.'s_Most_Popular

Venezuela Leader Chávez Dies at 58 :: Hugo Chávez, a former tank commander turned populist politician who used Venezuela's oil riches to pursue his vision of socialism and challenge the U.S., died Tuesday from complications related to cancer.'s_Most_Popular

Five Stocks Handled the Heavy Lifting :: Five blue-chip stocks have accounted for about one-third of the rally in the Dow since the financial crisis.'s_Most_Popular

Venezuela Consults Cuban Playbook :: Hours before announcing Chávez's death, the government resorted to a ploy to try to unite his supporters: Talk of an alleged conspiracy by the U.S. to destabilize the country.'s_Most_Popular

Best of the Web Today: Not a Dictator :: President Obama's declaration of ineffectuality.'s_Most_Popular

#SequesterThis :: Meat inspectors have to go, but fine wines are still on the USDA menu.'s_Most_Popular

The Best Buy in the World's Most Hated Market is... - Town Hall ::

Japan Vows To Strike Any North Korean Missiles It Deems A Threat - TIME ::

Japan Vows To Strike Any North Korean Missiles It Deems A Threat ::

The Only Final Four Drinking Game You'll Need Tonight ::

Afghanistan Goes To The Polls ::

ATM Gives Lucky User $37,000 By Mistake :: Social Climber: Top Search + Social Trends Explained

Afghanistan Defies Taliban Threats To Vote in Historic Polls ::

Say Goodbye to the 4% Rule for Retirement :: If markets don't cooperate, the conventional wisdom on how much you can withdraw from your nest egg each year can fall short. What are the alternatives? Here are three of them.'s_Most_Popular

Gray Matter: Is That Jesus in Your Toast? :: You may be experiencing "moral hunger."

5 Things To Ponder: "The Market Is Rigged" Edition - Wall Street Sector Selector ::


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