Saturday, March 15, 2014

15-Mar-2014 12:03 Malaysia

China's satellites 'missed best chance' to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight - South China Morning Post ::

MALAYSIA - VIETNAM - FRANCE - CHINA: Malaysia launches terror probe into missing plane, four French on board ::

'Deliberate Act' Used to Steer Missing Plane Off Course :: Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was steered off course by someone on the plane, was airborne for more than seven hours, and may have traveled as far as Kazakhstan, the prime minster of Malaysia confirmed at a news conference today."922961

Lost passenger jet was diverted deliberately: Malaysian PM ::

Malaysia: Investigators conclude flight hijacked - San Jose Mercury News ::

Missing jet was victim of 'deliberate action' says Malaysian PM - The Times (subscription) ::

Malaysia calls off South China Sea search for jet: PM - Sin Chew Jit Poh ::

Malaysia PM says lost plane's movements indicate a deliberate act ::

Malaysian Jet Missing Through 'Deliberate Action' ::

Malaysian Official: Investigators Conclude Flight Hijacked ::

Malaysian Official Says Investigators Conclude Missing Jet Was Hijacked, Steered off-Course :: Malaysian official says investigators conclude missing jet was hijacked, steered off-course

Satellite data shows missing Malaysia plane may have flown thousands of miles: source ::

UPDATE 2-Satellite data shows missing Malaysia plane may have flown thousands of miles-source ::

Investigators focus on foul play behind missing Malaysia plane: sources ::

Satellites scour earth for clues as Malaysia jet mystery deepens ::

Malaysian Pilots Probed But Their Homes Not Searched :: The investigation into missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has included a probe of the plane's two pilots, but Malaysian authorities said today they have yet to search their homes."912628

Radar Suggests Jet Shifted Path More Than Once :: A military radar track appeared to show that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 climbed to 45,000 feet after disappearing from civilian radar and altered its course as if still under a pilot's command.

Satellite Firm Says Its Data Could Offer Location of Missing Flight :: As the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet pushed into the Indian Ocean, a satellite company, Inmarsat, said it had recorded electronic signals that could prove to be the first big break in helping narrow the search.

Malaysia Airliner Communications 'Shut Down Separately' :: U.S. officials have an "indication" the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner may have crashed in the Indian Ocean and is moving the USS Kidd to the area to begin searching.

It's not clear what the indication was, but senior administration officials told ABC News the missing Malaysian flight continued to "ping" a satellite on an hourly basis after it lost contact with radar."894802

Missing Malaysia Airline Flight: What We Know Now :: An up-to-date guide to what we know about missing Malaysia Airlines flight #MH370, which disappeared Friday without a trace."895376

UPDATE 1-Rolls-Royce concurs with Malaysia on missing jet's engine data ::

Exclusive: Radar data suggests missing Malaysia plane deliberately flown way off course - sources ::

Search for Malaysian plane may extend to Indian Ocean - U.S ::


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