Wednesday, January 29, 2014

29-Jan-2014 12:20 Obama

Eight names to know from President Obama's State of the Union - Washington Post ::

Obama warns divided Congress that he will act alone ::

UPDATE 11-Obama warns divided Congress that he will act alone ::

Republicans respond and respond to Obama State of Union ::

Going It Alone, Obama Pushes for Year of Action ::

In State of the Union Address, Obama Vows to Act Alone on the Economy :: After five years of political combat, President Obama declared independence from Congress in his address, outlining a list of economic actions he will take without legislative approval.

What President Obama Wants to Say Tonight But Can't ::

State of the Union Fact Check: Obama's Rhetoric vs. Reality ::

Top 1% Got All the Goodies, But Bottom 99% Haven't Yet Suffered Enough, Say ... - OpEdNews ::

Obama to lay out go-it-alone approach in State of Union speech ::

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Comparing Obamacare to Its Alternative :: The Republicans have been promising to "repeal and replace" the health law for years. Now we know what they want to replace it with.

Best of the Web Today: Not a Dictator :: President Obama's declaration of ineffectuality.'s_Most_Popular


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