Thursday, October 31, 2013

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F.D.A. Finds 12% of U.S. Spice Imports Contaminated :: The imports, from countries like Mexico and India, are said to be tainted with insect parts, whole insects, rodent hairs and other things.

Sebelius Caught on Hot Mic: 'Don't Do This to Me' ::

Phys Ed: The Marathon Runner as Couch Potato :: On an average workday, runners training for a marathon reported sitting for more than 10 hours a day, raising provocative questions about the growing prevalence of sedentary behavior and its accompanying health risks.

Taking Note: The Uproar Over Insurance 'Cancellation' Letters :: The so-called cancellation letters waved around at today's hearing were simply notices that policies would have to be upgraded or changed.

Old Safe Given Away for Scrap Filled With Gold Coins ::

In Secret Letter, Female Senate Dems Rally Behind Clinton ::

Opinionator | Fixes: Protecting Children From Toxic Stress :: We know that trauma in the lives of children can impair mental and physical health in adulthood. We also know how to prevent it.

Well: Now, a Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss :: Why do we lock lips in romantic relationships? It's complicated, according to researchers at Oxford University. It's less about sex and more about assessing potential mates than you may think.

What Charles Munger Jr. thinks about his GOP critics - San Francisco Chronicle (blog) ::

Camille Grammer Granted Restraining Order Against Boyfriend ::

Britney Spears Is Latest Weapon in Battle With Pirates ::

Off-Duty Pilot Allegedly Gropes Teen on Flight ::

Out of Foster Care, Into College :: Homeless in 10th grade. Born on crack. Forced to panhandle. And now college students. Extra support can make all the difference for their future.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: When Class Trumps Identity :: How the new politics of redistribution are changing the way Democratic voters behave.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: In the Presence of All Souls :: As many as 80 percent of those who lose loved ones report that they sense that person after death.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Italy: The Nation That Crushes Its Young :: No other country in Europe spends so much on making its past comfortable — at such cost to its future.

3 Killed in Dust Storm Crashes on I-10 in Arizona ::

Ousted General in Egypt Is Back, as Islamists' Foe :: Gen. Mohamed Farid el-Tohamy's swift and silent rehabilitation from corruption charges, critics say, signals a restoration of the old order after the military takeover.

3 Dead After Dust Causes Crashes on I-10 in Ariz. ::

Calder's Heirs Accuse Trusted Dealer of Fraud :: The Alexander Calder estate is suing the heirs of Calder's former dealer, Klaus G. Perls.

Markets Too Frothy for You? Try This Charlie Munger Bronze Bust On for Size - ChicagoNow (blog) ::

Sports of The Times: Jackie Robinson's Legacy Recedes on Baseball Rosters :: With African-American representation in Major League Baseball falling to its lowest numbers in decades, the obvious question is whether baseball can reverse the trend.

White House Memo: Where the Buck Stops, Some See a Bystander :: President Obama has been under fire for his seeming detachment from significant matters, like the rollout of the health insurance website and secret spying on allied heads of state.

Christie Embraces Budget Strategies He Scorned as a Candidate :: Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, a Republican, has relied on the same kind of short-term fiscal methods that he had criticized his Democratic predecessor for using.

State of the Art: Lighter and Faster, It's iPad Air :: The improvements on the new tablet are incremental, not revolutionary, but Apple still holds the edge compared with the other tablets on the market.

Op-Ed Columnist: A Dynasty to Duck :: Dick Cheney may be waking up every morning with a smile on his face, but, to some of us, "It's Not a Wonderful Life."

In Race for Boston Mayor, Former Addicts Back Candidate With a Past :: Martin J. Walsh is a recovering alcoholic, and his campaign has moved many former addicts to step out from the shadows and publicly support him.

Op-Ed Guest Columnist: Homecoming at Howard :: Howard University's special role in integration is paving the way for its own obsolescence.

Op-Ed Columnist: Meet the Makers :: From China to India to Lebanon, these college graduates are spreading education, one nation at a time.

Keep Your Coverage Under Obamacare: Fact or Fantasy? ::


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