Friday, September 13, 2013

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My Story: Bad Dog :: Despite his tendency to be aggressive, I measure the success of my relationship with Chance by its challenges.

Aging Out of Autism :: A new study suggests symptoms can fade with time,9171,2134524,00.html?pcd=pw-magic

Graduates students express concerns with design of Munger residence hall - The Michigan Daily ::

Donors flooded state level PACs with big checks - Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group ::

Falling For the Job :: Hiring is a lot like dating, say the new startups that want to play matchmaker between employers and job seekers. And you don't have to show up with flowers,9171,2151168,00.html?pcd=pw-magic

Apps Are Creating New Jobs :: Mobile apps have spawned new sets of jobs that people are performing without having to have a computer-science degree.

EU Fines Microsoft $732 Million :: Microsoft has been hit with a $732.2 million fine by European Union regulators after it broke its promise to offer millions of users of its Windows system a choice of rival Web browsers.

FRANCE - CHINA: Chinese baby milk company partners with French dairy firms to polish its image ::

Say Goodbye to the 4% Rule for Retirement :: If markets don't cooperate, the conventional wisdom on how much you can withdraw from your nest egg each year can fall short. What are the alternatives? Here are three of them.'s_Most_Popular

FRANCE: French schools to display Secular Charter with rules on religion ::

Balloonist trying to cross Atlantic with 400 balloons ditches in Newfoundland - The Globe and Mail ::

Samuel Eto'o: I never wanted to work with José Mourinho. I got it wrong - The Guardian ::

Balloonist trying to cross Atlantic with 400 balloons ditches in Newfoundland - The Globe and Mail ::

Sara Gilbert knew she was gay after making out with Johnny Galecki - Los Angeles Times ::,0,3012743.story

Critic's Notebook: Homophobia and Hip-Hop: A Confession Breaks a Barrier :: Mister Cee discussed some of the particulars of his indiscretions with a frankness that has virtually been unheard of in the genre.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – inside the creative process with Dan Houser - The Guardian (blog) ::

Boehner Seeking Democrats' Help on Fiscal Talks :: As Speaker John A. Boehner sought a deal to avert a government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, a bloc of Republicans demanded a delay in the federal health care law, which the White House called "a nonstarter."

Ray Dolby, Who Put Moviegoers in the Middle, Is Dead at 80 :: Dr. Dolby, who founded Dolby Laboratories, transformed cinema and home entertainment with the development of Dolby digital surround sound.

Romanian immigrants 'the same as British with holiday homes abroad' - The Times (subscription) ::

New iPhone met with a shrug by many Chinese gadget lovers - Calgary Herald ::

Opinionator: A Brilliant Mess :: The world's oldest constitutional democracy, in all its inconsistent, incoherent cacophony, is there for the world to watch in the standoff with Syria.

Syrian envoy Brahimi to hold joint talks with Kerry, Lavrov ::


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