Friday, September 13, 2013

13-Sep-2013 14:45 Syria

Op-Ed Columnist: An Anchorless World :: "The ogre does what ogres can," wrote W.H. Auden. Yet no ogre, least of all in Syria, trembles today after Obama's wavering.

Op-Ed Columnist: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World :: The anti-war-in-Syria crowd finds itself in the odd company of the pro-war-on-Obama crowd.

As Obama Pauses Action, Putin Takes Center Stage :: President Vladimir V. Putin has, at least for now, made Russia indispensable in containing the conflict in Syria.

Op-Ed Columnist: That Threat Worked :: Syria's offer to give up its chemical weapons is a sign that the threat of military action is working. We need to keep it on the table.

Op-Ed Contributor: What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria :: It is dangerous for any country, including America, to see itself as exceptional, whatever its motivation.

Syria crisis: Kerry cautiously optimistic over chemical weapons surrender - The Guardian ::

Kerry calls Syria chemical weapons talks 'constructive' - BBC News ::

U.S., Russia see Syria arms deal aiding peace talks ::

Syrian envoy Brahimi to hold joint talks with Kerry, Lavrov ::

A Rare Public View of Obama's Pivots on Policy in Syria Confrontation :: President Obama's handling of his confrontation with Syria has been an unusual instance of a commander in chief seemingly thinking out loud and changing his mind on the fly.

Syria chemical weapons sites being dispersed: Wall Street Journal ::

Opinionator: A Brilliant Mess :: The world's oldest constitutional democracy, in all its inconsistent, incoherent cacophony, is there for the world to watch in the standoff with Syria.

Putin Says Strike on Syria Would Unleash 'Wave of Terrorism' ::

Exclusive: U.S. total of Syrian gas deaths could include bomb casualties - sources ::

Exclusive: U.S. total of Syrian gas deaths could include bomb casualties - sources ::

High-stakes U.S.-Russian talks open, Syria to join chemical arms ban ::


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