Friday, March 29, 2013

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Tool Kit: Controlling the 'Smart Home' With Tablets and Smartphones :: Newer home automation technologies let mobile devices control functions like heating, lighting and home security.

App Smart: Digging in the Dirt With Gardening Apps :: A handy arsenal of apps to help any type of gardener, whether a novice or an old hand.

Living With Cancer: The Scar Project :: The aftereffects of cancer and its treatments challenge our perceptions of beauty, as captured in the photos and documentary of "The Scar Project."

Boy Found With Dead Mom Was 26 Lbs. ::

In 'The Nance,' a Reckoning With Painful Memories :: For Nathan Lane and the playwright Douglas Carter Beane, "The Nance" involved not only historical research but also a reckoning with memories of growing up gay.

Well: Easing Brain Fatigue With a Walk in the Park :: Calm and focus can be restored by spending even a little time in green spaces, away from the jangle of city living, a new study employing portable brain wave measuring technology suggests.

Lottery Winners Share the Wealth With Staffer Who Opted Out ::

Calif. Girl Hit With 2-Foot-Long Arrow on School Trip ::

Damn Right: Behind The Scenes With Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie ... - Seeking Alpha ::

Starving Boy Found With Dead Mom ::


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