Monday, March 4, 2013

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EU to Put Reins on Regulators :: Authorities are considering launching a legal crackdown on some national regulators for restricting European banks from freely moving funds across national borders.

'Too much of a good thing can be wonderful': 10 gems from Warren Buffett's ... - BRW (subscription) ::

Voters Tighten Limits on Executive Pay in Switzerland :: Ignoring a warning from the business lobby, Swiss citizens voted to give shareholders a binding say on the overall pay packages for executives and directors.

A reflective Romney emerges from seclusion, rips Obama ::

Virginia's Feast on U.S. Funds Nears an End :: The Washington metropolitan area is in line to experience the largest economic hit of any region from the $85 billion in spending cuts that President Obama made official on Friday.

Preoccupations: In Defense of Working Mostly From Home :: Yahoo has banned employees from working from home. But an executive at Smule Inc., an app company, disagrees with the idea that workers are always most productive when in the office.

Data Mining: How Companies Know Your Personal Information :: Every detail of your life — what you buy, where you go, whom you love — is being extracted from the Internet, bundled and traded by data-mining companies. What's in it for you?,9171,2058205,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Queen Elizabeth released from hospital - The Province ::

The Queen has been discharged from a London hospital today after being ... - Belfast Telegraph ::

Banks withdraw £1.88bn from economy, offsets rise in lending - ::

'Jack the Giant Slayer': Five lessons from a box-office bomb - Los Angeles Times ::,0,6431785.storylink


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