Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12-Feb-2013 21:51 Op-Ed

Op-Ed Columnist: Carpe Diem Nation :: Here's hoping President Obama will frame his State of the Union address in terms of the present vs. the future.

Op-Ed Contributor: Farewell to an Uninspiring Pope :: I have watched the wealth of the Catholic Church turn into a subsidy for wrongdoing and a prop for the continuing campaign against women's rights and homosexuality.

Op-Ed Contributor: The Pope Can Enhance His Legacy :: Pope Benedict has one last chance to right some of the wrongs of the recent past by forcing out Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

Op-Ed Contributor: The Pope's Legacy :: A papal resignation, and the future of the church.

Op-Ed Contributor: The Humble Pope :: Benedict's resignation reminds us of the church's need for true renewal.

Op-Ed Columnist: Why 'Zero Dark Thirty' Works :: The charge of inaccuracy is a poor thing measured against the potency of artistic truth.

Op-Ed Columnist: The Ignorance Caucus :: The G.O.P. refuses to live in an evidence-based world.


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