Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Beijing Takes Emergency Steps to Fight Smog :: The measures include shutting down more than 100 factories and ordering one-third of government vehicles off the streets, official news reports said.

State of the Art: BlackBerry, Rebuilt, Lives to Fight Another Day :: The new BlackBerry Z10 is lovely, fast and efficient, bristling with fresh and useful ideas.

A Comeback? BlackBerry 10 Launches ::�8874d777fba4a6f981d802fd2547a6

BlackBerry 10's Debut Is a Critical Day for Research in Motion :: The long-awaited smartphone has been designed to retain, and bring back, the corporate users that once propelled the BlackBerry maker to success.

China Smog Prompts Sale of Canned Air ::�3391594310598cf4b142929d0a2475

Apple's latest update iOS 6.1 software out - Hindustan Times ::

To Open Eyes, W-2s List Cost of Health Plans :: A change under the 2010 health law is intended to make workers more conscious of the price, still tax-free, of employer-sponsored insurance.

Worker Liberation in Michigan :: Another state gives individuals the right not to join a union.'s_Most_Popular

Three Questioned in Libor Probe :: The U.K. Serious Fraud Office has arrested three men as part of an investigation into the rigging of interest rates.

Why Your Heartburn Drugs Don't Work :: New research suggests that in many people, heartburn may be caused by something other than acid reflux. But gastroenterologists are often stumped as to what it is and how to treat it.'s_Most_Popular

The Power of Negative Thinking :: Both ancient philosophy and modern psychology suggest that darker thoughts can make us happier, writes Oliver Burkeman.'s_Most_Popular

HSBC to Pay Record U.S. Penalty :: HSBC acknowledged that for years it ignored possible money laundering, part of a record $1.9 billion settlement with U.S. authorities that caps the bank's disastrous foray into the U.S. market.'s_Most_Popular

EU to Put Reins on Regulators :: Authorities are considering launching a legal crackdown on some national regulators for restricting European banks from freely moving funds across national borders.

Man Killed in Rare Midtown Shooting :: A man was fatally shot in the head on West 58th Street, marking the fourth death this year in a typically murder-free area of Manhattan.'s_Most_Popular

Fiscal Cliff Talks Make Progress :: Budget negotiations between the White House and Republican House Speaker Boehner have progressed steadily in recent days, breathing life into talks that appeared to have stalled.'s_Most_Popular

The Republican Tax Panic :: The GOP should negotiate with Obama, not each other.'s_Most_Popular

Giving to Charity and the Children :: The client had more money than he ever intended to spend. So his adviser, Brian Kazanchy, helped him tackle two of his biggest goals: Donating to charity and passing money to his two daughters as tax efficiently as possible.'s_Most_Popular

BlackBerry 10 smartphones unveiled - The Australian ::

Police paid £5.7m in three years for passing on contact details of traffic accident ... - Daily Mail ::

Reading 2 - 2 Chelsea - ::

Year-old discovered asteroid to return Feb15 - Indian Express ::

Man discovers whale vomit worth £100000 on Morecambe beach - The Sun ::

Review: BlackBerry Z10 and 10 ::

One Running Shoe in the Grave :: New studies on older endurance athletes suggest the fittest reap few health benefits.'s_Most_Popular

Mohnish Pabrai: What I've Learned From Warren and Charlie - DailyFinance ::

They Know What You're Shopping For :: "You're looking at the premium package, right?" Companies today are increasingly tying people's real-life identities to their online browsing habits.

The Third Coast :: By Joel Kotkin's_Most_Popular

Passing Along Life Lessons :: Why values are an increasingly important part of estate planning.'s_Most_Popular

Feds Ponder Joining Suit Against Armstrong :: Justice Department officials are considering whether to join a whistleblower lawsuit filed by cyclist Lance Armstrong's former teammate, Floyd Landis.

Mastering the Mismatch :: Get ready to add "spezzato," the art of contrasting jackets and trousers, to your sartorial dictionary.'s_Most_Popular


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