Thursday, January 24, 2013

24-Jan-2013 16:17 Op-Ed

Op-Ed Columnist: Break All the Rules :: At a time when we measure our secretaries of state more by miles traveled than milestones achieved, what's the next secretary to do? Here's a plan.

Op-Ed Contributor: The Last Calendar :: A shared online calendar gave my brother and me a record of our father's decline.

Op-Ed Columnist: Military Women and the Front Lines :: It's about time women in the military get to serve in combat. That opens up some 200,000 job opportunities.

Op-Ed Columnist: Obama Reboot :: President Obama's Inaugural Address was a progressive manifesto of domestic policies.

Op-Ed Contributor: How to Get High-Speed Internet to All Americans :: We need reasonably priced, globally competitive, ubiquitous communications infrastructure so that Americans can compete and innovate.


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