Saturday, November 24, 2012

24-Nov-2012 22:22 Op-Ed

Op-Ed Contributor: America's Failed Palestinian Policy :: The United States' policies toward Israelis and Palestinians have only increased the incentives for using violence.

Op-Ed Columnist: Grand Old Planet :: That Marco Rubio interview in GQ was just another sign of how the Republican Party prefers to suppress scientific evidence if it contradicts faith.

Op-Ed Columnist: A Failed Experiment :: The presidential candidates may not have talked much about climate change or our declining infrastructure, but families sure are after countless power outages.

Op-Ed Contributor: Grading Schools Isn't the Answer. It's the Problem. :: So far, education "reform" has given us little but re-segregation and the same dismal scores in math and science.

Op-Ed Columnist: Why We Love Politics :: The new movie about Abraham Lincoln is a rare celebration of the paradoxical nobility of politics, its high vision often realized precisely through less-than-noble means.

Op-Ed Contributor: Shortcuts in Medical Documentation :: Electronic medical records make some things too easy.


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