Thursday, November 8, 2012

08-Nov-2012 04:47 Obama

Editorial: President Obama's Success :: A victory based on jobs, spreading the tax burden and rejecting the politics of deceit.

The Conversation: Orca, Meet Obama :: Brooks and Collins on what the re-election of the president means for Republicans, Democrats and Christmas carols.

Obama Fine-Tuned Winning Formula :: Obama secured a second term by nurturing support among Hispanics and African Americans, women and young people, while holding his own among working-class voters in the pivotal state of Ohio, exit polls showed.'s_Most_Popular

The Obama Girls' Next 4 Years ::�569923a2a1a892019993fae4e0b4b5

News Analysis: Question for Obama in Second Term: How Far to Push? :: Few voters expect President Obama to seriously change Washington; most just want him to make it function.

On Fox News, a Mistrust of Pro-Obama Numbers Lasts Late Into the Night :: As Fox News's own polling showed an advantage for Mr. Obama late in the campaign, commentators on the network questioned whether the news organization had its numbers right.

Iran Quickly Sends Message to Obama ::;088e506a06db9d885cc804456874a4

Obama's Cabinet Headed for Shake-Up ::�fccbd280efe0afd92f189c8d0c21c8

Eva Longoria 'Moved to Tears' by President Obama's Election Victory ::

Obama Promises the 'Best Is Yet to Come' ::�431213c03d2df4ebeebd9a613bdb4f

Michelle Obama's Election Night Dress ::�3e0f2e6ac7cd93c2350dda6264e79e

The Air Force's Flight to Weakness :: It didn't hurt him on the campaign trail, but President Obama has sharply cut our capabilities while China and Russia keep building.'s_Most_Popular

Analysis: For Obama, a Win But No Mandate ::

Dollar falls after Obama victory, losses seen limited ::

Analysis: Victory puts Obama in position to expand government's reach ::

Campaign Stops: The Obama Realignment :: Conservatives must face reality: the president has put an end to the Reagan era.

President Obama's Full Acceptance Speech ::\3d217e9a18d7486dd8ed4454deb16d

Trump Rants After Obama's Win ::

The Story of Barack Obama's Mother
:: Barack Obama's greatest influence was a woman most know nothing about. How her uncommon life shaped his worldview,9171,1729685,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Obama wins - now what? - Sydney Morning Herald (blog) ::

Divided U.S. Gives Obama More Time :: Voters returned President Obama to the White House, but he will face a Congress with the same divisions that marked his first term.

President Obama's Election Night Speech :: President Obama spoke in Chicago after winning re-election Tuesday night.

Obama is a safe bet when it comes to avoiding war - Herald Scotland ::

Top Republicans ready to talk tax compromise with President Obama after ... - New York Daily News ::

Hope Over Experience :: A divided country gives Obama a second chance.'s_Most_Popular

Jenkins: Obama Gets a Do-Over :: The president wins re-election, but what he hopes to achieve in a second term is a mystery.'s_Most_Popular

Obama Wins Second Term :: The president won re-election in a closely fought race, overcoming the doubts of a nation ravaged by a prolonged economic downturn and setting up a test of whether he can forge a productive second term in a divided political system.'s_Most_Popular

Big Bet Six Months Ago Paved Way for President's Win :: Obama won re-election, amid persistent economic anxieties, in significant measure because of a risky bet to spend big to define Romney early in the campaign.'s_Most_Popular

Obama, buoyed by election win, faces new battles ::

After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks ::


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