Friday, November 2, 2012

02-Nov-2012 19:40 Obama

Poll: Obama Escapes Economic Blame ::�865792aaf61c6bd5eedab8171290ee

Campaign Stops: Obama vs. Hoover :: Let's compare the record on unemployment, G.D.P. and the stock market of the two presidents who faced the worst economic collapses in the last hundred years.

FiveThirtyEight: Obama's Electoral College Firewall Holding in Polls :: President Obama holds the lead in the majority of polls in Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada and Iowa, the states that represent his path of least resistance toward a victory.

Why Mayor Bloomberg's endorsement of Obama matters - Washington Post ::

Noonan: How Far Obama Has Fallen :: From historic figure to beleaguered incumbent in less than four years.'s_Most_Popular

US Election: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama make closing arguments - ::

IT does its part for Obama US jobs creation in October - Register ::

Op-Ed Columnist: The Final Reckoning :: President Obama began big but is ending small. If he's re-elected, would he reach the high standards he once set for himself?

Jobs growth quickens, giving Obama some relief ::

Errant Gingrich Email: 'Obama Is Going to Win' ::�73b7edb702b0551dedb131244a8f2c

Bloomberg Endorses Obama, Citing Climate Change :: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, an independent, said climate change may have been a factor in Hurricane Sandy and he believed President Obama was the best candidate to tackle the issue.

In the Badger State, divided over and baffled by Obamacare ::

Bloomberg Decides to Back Obama :: Mayor Michael Bloomberg is endorsing President Barack Obama for re-election, citing his positions on climate change, abortion and marriage equality as major factors in his decision.'s_Most_Popular


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