Monday, October 29, 2012

29-Oct-2012 01:48 Hurricane

Map of Hurricane Sandy's Path :: Follow the path of the storm and the five-day forecast.

7 Devastating Hurricanes: Where Will Sandy Rank? ::�4cd964eff8a836ea9a3ffdf3bdfad7

New York Subways to Shut Down :: The MTA will close New York's transit system for Hurricane Sandy, shutting down subway, commuter rail and bus service starting at 7 p.m.'s_Most_Popular

Hurricane Sandy: Mass Transit Systems to Close, Flights Canceled Ahead of Storm ::�bc68f8bc97d3305537f164afa7803b

Hurricane Sandy Strengthens and Heads to Northeast :: Thousands of people were evacuated and officials said that the storm's impact would stretch inland all the way to the Ohio Valley.

U.S. Airlines Cancel 4,700 Flights :: U.S. airlines have canceled more than 4,700 flights due to depart Sunday and Monday, ahead of the expected landfall early Tuesday of Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy: Live Updates ::[42835c11a67dd4a8a4caec9a363a76

Hurricane Sandy: Apps and Tech Tips ::�05cda074e6432edfdd28b13a1ba56e

City Room: M.T.A. Chief Announces Storm Plan for Subways, Buses and Commuter Trains :: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo directed the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to begin planning a suspension of commuter services if sustained winds from Hurricane Sandy reach 39 miles per hour or higher.

Mayor: No Evacuations Ordered in NYC Yet :: Mayor Bloomberg ordered no evacuations in New York City in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy as of Saturday night, but he warned of the storm's potential danger.'s_Most_Popular

UPDATE 9-Threat of Hurricane Sandy grows as it targets US East Coast ::

Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey Warned of 7- to 10- Day Power Outages ::

Hurricane Sandy: Superstorm Could Affect 60M People ::�c6ce09bb61b370654119b6df1ca215

Massive Hurricane Sandy takes aim at East Coast ::

Monster Storm Targets East :: Hurricane Sandy loomed Sunday over the northeastern U.S., triggering evacuation orders for hundreds of thousands of residents, the cancellation of more than 7,400 airline flights and the mass closure of schools and public transit systems.'s_Most_Popular

Gigantic Hurricane Sandy bears down on US East Coast - Toronto Sun ::

Hurricane Sandy Predicted to Bring 'Life-Threatening' Surge :: Forecasters said Hurricane Sandy would bring "life-threatening" flooding to areas of the East Coast and officials warned of days of disruptions as the storm swirled toward some of the nation's most densely populated areas.

Hurricane Sandy: Superstorm Could Wreak Havoc Across 800 Miles of US ::

Hurricane Sandy Likely to Make Landfall Near Atlantic City ::�38c36063f8e99e1d3f8e3a4dd7f3c0


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