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Pregnant After Oral Sex and Knife Fight: How? ::�3e1754566bc5d1006ed7ca6d15eee7

The Solyndra Memorial Tax Break :: How Energy passed out tax-loss credits that mean taxpayers will pay twice for failure.'s_Most_Popular

Charles Munger Jr.: Remaking California in His Own Image - Oct 16 - Beyond Chron ::

Business Cards Do High-Tech Work :: Many technology companies and entrepreneurs that deal with mostly virtual products are embracing the tactile business card.

FRANCE: France scraps citizenship test for naturalisation ::

1% logic: Charles Munger's real motive for undermining Prop. 30? - Los Angeles Times ::,0,3540909.story

FRANCE: France faces rail and air strikes next week ::

Retiring Abroad, One Country at a Time :: How one couple walked away from all they owned and are putting down new roots around the world.'s_Most_Popular

Slain official's funeral ends in Beirut violence ::

The Energy Rush: In a Natural Gas Glut, Big Winners and Losers :: Low prices for consumers. Big profits for bankers. But the gas glut in the United States has meant much pain for gas exploration companies and their investors.

Novelties: New Webcams Add Wide-Angle Video Calls to Your TV :: Owners of high-definition televisions can use new wide-angle webcams to put their video calls on the screen.

For President Obama, a Complex Calculus of Race and Politics :: Since taking office, President Obama has attempted to balance two deeply held impulses: a belief in universal politics not based on race and an embrace of black life and its challenges.

Romney's Throwback Language, His Mittisms :: Mitt Romney's way of speaking is polite, formal and anachronistic, linguistically setting him apart, and influencing the word choices of those who work with and for him.

Iran, like U.S., denies plan for one-on-one nuclear talks ::

So Far, No Life Found In Buried Antarctic Lake - Forbes ::

Ethical Questions Raised by In Vitro Raffle :: Demand for infertility treatment is increasing, but so is the number of clinics offering it, and more are seeking free publicity with a method that seems jarring.

Church Appeal on Israel Angers Jewish Groups :: Fifteen leaders of Christian churches signed a letter accusing Israel of human rights violations in an attempt to shed light on the Palestinian plight and stalled peace negotiations.

Opinion: Bridging the Cuban Generation Gap :: As the older generation on both sides of the Florida Straits die, so will the bitter passions that fueled more than 60 years of stalemate between Cuba and the United States.

Overnighter: In Colorado, Switchbacks and 'The Shining' :: The author negotiates daunting cycling trails and haunted hotel history on a trip to Estes Park, Colo.

My 6,128 Favorite Books :: Joe Queenan on how a harmless juvenile pastime turned into a lifelong personality disorder.'s_Most_Popular

California in My Mind :: Memories of grilled shrimp, vinyl records and surf culture pull a writer back to the Orange County coast of his youth. How do the beach towns of today hold up against those memories?

Trying to Save the Old in Phoenix, a City That Values the New :: It's an uphill battle for architectural preservationists in Phoenix, where many old structures have been felled by fire, decay or development.

Amid the Echoes of an Economic Crash, the Sounds of Greek Society Being Torn :: Divisions are rising to the surface as neo-Nazis clash with leftists and immigrants, lawmakers become mired in scandals and tensions increase between the haves and have-nots.

Bloomberg Has Tough Criticism for Obama and Romney :: With his critical assessment of President Obama and Mitt Romney, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was in a sense speaking for voters exasperated by the campaign.

McCain voters defecting to Obama are older white males ::

News Analysis: Candidates and the Truth About America :: Of serious presidential candidates, and even of presidents, Americans demand constant reassurance that their country, their achievements and their values are extraordinary.

Analysis: Romney has path to victory, but Obama still has slight edge ::

Like girls, U.S. boys may be hitting puberty earlier ::

Op-Ed Columnist: Taxing My Patience :: With trickle-down aviation and other happy talk, Marco Rubio distills the avoidance of hard truths.

Campaign Stops: Google's Crystal Ball :: How does the election look from the search window?


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