Sunday, October 21, 2012

21-Oct-2012 20:59 Romney

Romney Ties Obama in Poll :: A surge in support for Romney has put him in a dead heat with Obama with about two weeks to go before the vote, according to a nationwide Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.'s_Most_Popular

Romney's Throwback Language, His Mittisms :: Mitt Romney's way of speaking is polite, formal and anachronistic, linguistically setting him apart, and influencing the word choices of those who work with and for him.

Editorial: The Republican Ticket Twists the Facts About Health Care :: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been obfuscating their plans for Medicare, Medicaid and what they will do to reform the health care system.

Bloomberg Has Tough Criticism for Obama and Romney :: With his critical assessment of President Obama and Mitt Romney, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was in a sense speaking for voters exasperated by the campaign.

Analysis: Romney has path to victory, but Obama still has slight edge ::

Op-Ed Columnist: Pampered Princes Fling Gorilla Dust :: Even cloaked in humor, the barbs of Mitt Romney and Barry Obama drip with disdain.

Op-Ed Columnist: Cuddle Your Kid! :: Romney and Obama, listen up: rats and a girl named Kewauna may hold secrets about what the country needs.

With Romney closing in, Obama to launch swing state blitz ::

Ron Johnson: Mr. Johnson Goes to Washington :: Wisconsin Senator and tea party favorite talks about the frustrations of his first two years as a senator, his version of the 'Buffett Rule,' and what could happen if Mitt Romney wins.'s_Most_Popular

The Long Run: Romney as a Manager: Unhurried and Socratic :: A serial chief executive, Mitt Romney is steeped in management theory and eschews gut instincts, wading deeply into the kind of raw data that is usually left to junior aides.

Editorial: A Potential World of Harm for Women :: Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan promote an agenda that takes aim at international family planning and lifesaving care.

Utah Paper Slams Romney ::�5dce373dfb540102f22a9fc3d7b6af

Op-Ed Columnist: Snow Job on Jobs :: Mitt Romney says he has a plan that would create millions of jobs. It's a five-point plan to nowhere.

Campaign Stops: A Financier in Chief :: What would it really mean to have a man with Mitt Romney's experience at Bain Capital in the White House?


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