Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Frugal Traveler Blog: 7 Manhattan Hotel Rooms for $150, More or Less :: The Frugal Traveler stayed in hotels from Tribeca to Harlem looking for bargains. Here's how he rated the rooms.

Charles Munger Jr.: Remaking California in His Own Image - Beyond Chron ::

Charles Munger Jr.: Remaking California in His Own Image - Oct 16 - Beyond Chron ::

ELECTIONS: Super-PAC linked to Munger pours more into Inland House race - Press-Enterprise (blog) ::

Best of the Web Today: Was Candy in Cahoots? :: Almost certainly not. Occam's razor suggests Obama took advantage of her.'s_Most_Popular

Op-Ed Contributor: In the Debates, Interruption or Interjection? :: Just as conversational styles vary widely, so do ideas about what constitutes interruptions, and whether they are good or bad.

Op-Ed Columnist: Scott's Story and the Election :: The experience of a college friend who lacked health insurance has lessons for us and our country.

Editorial: Mitt Romney's Version of Equal Rights :: During the debate, Romney bumbled his way through a cringe-inducing attempt to graft what he thinks should be 2012 talking points onto his 1952 sensibility.

36 Hours in Modena, Italy :: Sensory pleasures are abundant in this city north of Florence, where food is drizzled with transcendent vinegar and a new museum honors the founder of Ferrari.

Opinionator | Townies: A Dog's Grace :: This is why it's scary to love anything.

In a Tiny Brooklyn Kitchen, Room for Lots of Ideas :: Creative thinkers come up with three widely varied budgets.

Well: Get Up. Get Out. Don't Sit. :: Two new studies make a convincing case that sitting too much will shorten your life.

FRANCE: France scraps citizenship test for naturalisation ::

1% logic: Charles Munger's real motive for undermining Prop. 30? - Los Angeles Times ::,0,3540909.story

The Brain: The Mystery of Consciousness :: You exist, right? Prove it. How 100 billion jabbering neurons create the knowledge--or illusion--that you're here,9171,1580394,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

FRANCOPHONIE SUMMIT: Francophonie summit ends as Hollande ruffles Kabila's feathers ::

SENEGAL - AFRICA CUP OF NATIONS: Riot stops play as Côte d'Ivoire beats Senegal in CAN qualifier ::

The 10 Greatest Books of All Time :: What are they? A new book tries to settle it once and for all.,8599,1578073,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

The Case of the Grim Sleeper :: Are familial DNA searches a brilliant tool for solving crimes or a dangerous abuse of privacy?,9171,2100112,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Some Livestrong supporters want their money back - CNN ::

Judge Rules Trayvon Martin Files Can Be Used by Defense - New York Times ::

Punter Chris Kluwe's Voice Is Heard in Gay Marriage Debate :: Vikings punter Chris Kluwe's writings about the rights of same-sex couples have lifted him off the sports pages and into the national conversation.

Sunscreen recalled after users caught on fire - New Zealand Herald ::

Beirut Blast Kills at Least 8, Including Top Security Official :: An explosion in a Christian section of Lebanon's capital killed an official viewed by Syria as an enemy and was the most provocative violence in Lebanon tied to the Syrian conflict.

Cardiff Hit And Run: Tributes To Dead Mother - Sky News ::

Release of Boy Scout files expected to reveal depth of abuse problem - Chicago Tribune ::,0,6070780.story

The Week in Viral Videos - Daily Beast ::

British Premier, After Resistance, Accepts Cabinet Minister's Resignation - New York Times ::

Shares Fall as Earnings Disappoint on Wall St. - New York Times ::

Op-Ed Columnist: Women and the Men Who Yell :: The women of America enjoy a good pander as much as anybody else, but could we cut down on the shouting and barking?


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