Saturday, September 8, 2012

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Why Strauss Came Out on Top :: While others had the charisma and style, retiring England cricket captain Andrew Strauss had the rest.

The 10 Greatest Books of All Time :: What are they? A new book tries to settle it once and for all.,8599,1578073,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Photo by KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS 1 hour 47 minutes ago - Yahoo! Eurosport UK ::

Geography Strikes Back :: To understand today's global conflicts, forget economics and technology and take a hard look at a map, writes Robert D. Kaplan in the Saturday essay.'s_Most_Popular

Opting Out of the 'Rug Rat Race' :: For success in the long run, brain power helps, but what our kids really need to learn is grit, says Paul Tough.'s_Most_Popular

Hamilton on pole at Monza, Alonso 10th - ::

Nokia Broadens Apology Over Claims at Phone Launch - Wall Street Journal ::

Tepid Jobs Growth Weighs on Obama, Fed :: America's employers added jobs at a tepid pace in August, posing a re-election challenge for Obama and raising the likelihood the Federal Reserve will step in to spur growth when it meets in the coming week.'s_Most_Popular

A Woman's 'Untreatable' TB Echoes Globally :: The journey of a woman with one of India's first documented cases of "untreatable" tuberculosis exposes a blind spot in a medical bureaucracy that neglected to implement widespread treatment.

France's Richest Man Seeks Belgian Citizenship :: LVMH Chief Executive Bernard Arnault is seeking Belgian citizenship, a move that comes as France adds a tax on the wealthy.

Curse of Russky Island strikes - New Zealand Herald ::

Dirtier Lives: The Medicine We Need? :: A new book carries a fascinating argument: that infection with parasites prevents or ameliorates many diseases of inflammation, says Matt Ridley.'s_Most_Popular

New iPhone Supports LTE :: Apple's next iPhone will be compatible with so-called LTE networks—including in the U.S., Europe and Asia—though it is unlikely to be available on every carrier.'s_Most_Popular

Five Best: Tim Jeal :: The author of "Explorers of the Nile" recommends accounts of great African journeys.

5 Tips for Fitting it All in a Carry-On ::

Is Cruise Ship Liable for Perils on Shore? ::

Iran Oil Exports Fall, Embassy Shut :: International sanctions helped drive down Iran's oil exports more than 40% in July, a new report said, while Canada said it had closed its embassy in Tehran and would expel all Iranian diplomats in Canada, as the U.S. and its allies continue efforts to isolate Tehran.'s_Most_Popular

Do Gadgets Really Threaten Planes? :: The ban on electronic devices rests on anecdotes, not on hard evidence—because there isn't any.'s_Most_Popular

Police 'Tragedy' :: A police officer responding to an armed robbery at a deli in the Bronx mistakenly shot and killed a 20-year-old worker attempting to escape from the store early Friday, officials said.'s_Most_Popular

Merkel Backs ECB, Bucking Critics :: Germany's government threw its support behind the ECB's plan to intervene in bond markets, countering a deluge of domestic criticism.

Noonan: The Democrats' Soft Extremism :: Obama is out of ideas, and Clinton's speech was unworthy of him.'s_Most_Popular

Parties Weigh Convention Revamp - Wall Street Journal ::

Mohammed Ibrahim: The Philanthropist of Honest Government :: Africa's cellphone billionaire, Mohammed Ibrahim, is offering a rich payoff for African leaders who don't take payoffs. He says it'll do for development what foreign aid never has.'s_Most_Popular

Mortimer Zuckerman: Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look :: Still above 8%—and closer to 19% in a truer accounting. Here's a plan for improvement.'s_Most_Popular

Pandora Shares Plunge on Apple Fears :: Shares of Pandora Media fell sharply on news that Apple is exploring its own competing Internet-radio service.'s_Most_Popular

The Upside Of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated) :: The Upside Of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated),9171,2105432,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Donatella Versace :: It would be easy to categorize the perpetually tanned and toned designer as a fictional fashion character in a candy-coated fantasy—were she not such a shrewd powerhouse.

It's a Little You, a Little Me :: How do you take a style you admire and make it your own? Learn from design luminaries who have been mentored by the best.

The Shale Revolution: What Could Go Wrong? :: Some forecasts peg North American energy independence at just a few years off, but other experts aren't so sure, writes John Bussey.'s_Most_Popular

Apple Seeks to Create Pandora Rival :: Apple is in talks to license music for a custom-radio service similar to the popular one operated by Pandora Media, in what would be a bid by the hardware maker to expand its dominance in online music.'s_Most_Popular


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