Saturday, September 8, 2012

08-Sep-2012 04:42 Obama

The Story of Barack Obama's Mother
:: Barack Obama's greatest influence was a woman most know nothing about. How her uncommon life shaped his worldview,9171,1729685,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Jobs Data Weigh on Obama, Fed :: U.S. job growth slowed in August, signaling a stalling economy that could mute any post-convention momentum for President Barack Obama and spur the Federal Reserve to take further steps to stimulate the economy.'s_Most_Popular

Speechwriters give advice to President Obama - ::

Noonan: The Democrats' Soft Extremism :: Obama is out of ideas, and Clinton's speech was unworthy of him.'s_Most_Popular

Jobs Data Weigh on Obama, Fed - Wall Street Journal ::

Romney pounces on Obama over disappointing job news ::

Obama draws biggest convention TV audience, Twitter record ::

Job growth cools, posing challenge for Obama, Fed ::

Obama takes slim post-convention lead over Romney: Reuters/Ipsos poll ::

Fact Check: Obama and Biden at the DNC ::\4f019f791f795da33b0488b9cc5ac0

Op-Ed Columnist: Character, Not Audacity :: President Obama's speech Thursday night was quite solid, but it lacked the audacity to tackle the big policy problems ahead.

Editorial: President Obama's Second Chance :: The president makes a strong case for a vision of government that serves the middle class.

Obama Lays Out Vision :: The president laid out goals for a second term designed to show voters he is focused on creating jobs and boosting the U.S. economy during a speech accepting his party's nomination for re-election.

Did Obama's speech play fast and loose with the facts? ::

Obama Girls, Though Unheard, Figure Prominently in Race :: The girls' appearance at the Democratic convention will underscore their importance to their father's image as a likable family man.

Campaign Stops: Fire This Guy? :: The haters will never budge. President Obama's speech wasn't intended for them anyway. It was pitched to the grumpy undecided.

Transcript: President Obama's DNC Speech ::�80f8ac947471d64d66956b520af2e7

What Charlotte Didn't Change for Obama ::�004f22f328b1b92b6f548c124944e6

Transformers 2 :: Obama was honest when he said he wanted to remake America.'s_Most_Popular

Strassel: The Party that Obama Un-Built :: Where is the next generation of Democrats?'s_Most_Popular


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