Friday, September 7, 2012

07-Sep-2012 02:16 Obama

Transcript: Michelle Obama's Democratic Convention Speech ::�171e7a6ee2490a677f80d571e97912

Front Row: Michelle Obama's Dress in High Definition :: Michelle Obama's choice of designer sent a message. Mrs. Obama has frequently worn dresses sent to her by Tracy Reese, a successful self-made businesswoman whose prices are also in the middle ground.

Bill Clinton Urges a Second Term for Obama :: Former President Bill Clinton drew sharp lines between the choices voters face, using the economic successes in his presidency as a case for re-electing President Obama.

Clinton Makes Case for Obama :: Democrats led by former President Bill Clinton gave a rousing defense of Democratic economic philosophies, promising that re-electing President Barack Obama would produce changes to an economic system they said was often stacked against the middle class.'s_Most_Popular

Op-Ed Columnist: Obama's First-Term Report Card :: Considering that we were sliding toward a Great Depression before President Obama took office, of course, we're better off now.

Man in the News | Barack Hussein Obama: Obama, Seeking Re-Election, Asks for Patience :: President Obama is making the case that while progress is slow, he is taking America to a better place — and that he will be a better president over the next four years than the last.

Rove: The President's Fountain of Youth Is Drying Up :: In 2008 young voters chose Obama over McCain by 66% to 32%. Today he leads Romney by 49% to 41%.'s_Most_Popular

Obama and Clinton Embrace at DNC ::�71782ab940fe044488bcc5d956f4d9

Analysis: Clinton shows he is Obama's most valuable weapon ::

Obama Speaks :: His second acceptance speech will be whistling past the graveyard.'s_Most_Popular

Desperately Seeking Middle-Class Taxes :: What Obama's critique of Ryan tells us about Obama's budget plans.'s_Most_Popular

Putin on U.S. Vote: Obama 'Genuine,' Romney 'Mistaken' :: Russian President Vladimir Putin said the re-election of U.S. President Barack Obama could improve relations but that he was also prepared to work with Mitt Romney.'s_Most_Popular

Bill Clinton to campaign for Obama in Ohio, Florida next week - Reuters ::

Obama Girls, Though Unheard, Figure Prominently in Race :: The girls' appearance at the Democratic convention will underscore their importance to their father's image as a likable family man.

Obama says Americans face starkly different paths ::


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