Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Republicans Anoint Romney :: Republicans kicked off their convention with speeches aimed at bolstering two elements of Mitt Romney's bid for the White House—his appeal among women, and a platform that calls for spending cuts and a Medicare overhaul.

Samsung's mobile chief JK Shin has a better day in Berlin - CNET (blog) ::

U.S. Firms Move Abroad to Cut Taxes :: Despite a 2004 law, U.S. companies are reincorporating overseas and saving on their taxes.'s_Most_Popular

As Europe's Banks Stall, Companies Look Afar :: Companies in Southern Europe are looking abroad for funding as local bank lending dwindles, another indication that Europe's debt crisis is far from over.

The Ron Paul Snub :: By Stephen Moore's_Most_Popular

In Syria, a Small, but Powerful Force :: The country's Alawite minority group appears to hold the key as a last line of defense to the Assad regime.

Raising a Math Genius :: Parents who hate math often fear raising kids who will feel the same. Experts weigh in on how to stoke their interest.'s_Most_Popular

In Search of a Perfect Shave :: Can new products and techniques make shaving better? Calling out the myths.'s_Most_Popular

'I Love Lucy': Early Film of Lucy's Real Kids ::

Fund Managers Seek Their Inner Ad Men :: Hedge funds are beginning to explore marketing strategies ahead of a planned relaxation of a ban on advertising.

Zynga Chief Creative Officer to Resign :: Zynga said Chief Creative Officer Mike Verdu has decided to leave the social gaming firm, one of several recent departures at the company as it has faced an erosion of investor confidence.'s_Most_Popular

Isaac Makes Landfall in Louisiana ::�4a40e22a1009ead62453012b6d7c20

Spain Region Seeks Cash, Stoking Fear :: Catalonia became the third Spanish region to ask the central government for a bailout, heightening concerns about Madrid's finances.

Hurricane Isaac Roars Ashore :: Isaac made landfall in southeastern Louisiana, less powerful than originally feared but still threatening to inundate flood-prone, low-lying regions with a major storm surge and heavy rain.'s_Most_Popular

Can Humans Live Forever? ::

The Agenda: Overtreatment Is Taking a Harmful Toll :: An epidemic of overtreatment is costing the health care system at least $210 billion a year, and patients are paying the price in pain, emotional suffering, severe complications and even death.

Feldstein: Romney's Tax Plan Can Raise Revenue :: IRS data show that limiting deductions for high earners would more than cover the dollars lost by reducing income-tax rates 20% across the board.'s_Most_Popular

How Nick Saban Turned the Tide :: The stunning volume of victories and championships and NFL draft picks has Alabama redefining college-football success as we know it. How, exactly, does the Tide do it?'s_Most_Popular

The Leader of the Free Monde :: France's President leads from the front on Syria.

Adam Falk: In Defense of the Living, Breathing Professor :: 'Crowd-sourcing' the grading of an essay online is no substitute for thoughtful evaluation by a trained educator.'s_Most_Popular

Photos of the Day: Aug. 28 :: In today's photos, a dog sits on a water buffalo in Pakistan, Chinese fisherman are rescued in South Korea amid a typhoon, an attendee waits at the Republican National Convention, and more.

Property Investors Find Glamour in Warehouses :: European industrial and logistics property generated an average annual return of 7.8% in the past 10 years. That compares with 5.5% for offices and 6.2% for retail.

Self-Help for Skeptics :: Research finds it takes four positive thoughts to balance one negative thought.'s_Most_Popular

Tricks From Elderly to Stop Worrying :: Recent research shows people learn to put aside negative emotions and focus on the present, which leads to healthy aging.'s_Most_Popular

Ryan Pledges GOP Rebirth :: Rep. Paul Ryan accepted his party's vice presidential nomination and tried to cast the contest between Romney and Obama as "the clearest possible choice'' between paths for handling the U.S. economy.'s_Most_Popular

Isaac Drenches Gulf Coast :: Isaac dumped more than a foot of rain and a storm surge on parts of the Gulf Coast, leaving some residents stranded and hundreds of thousands of homes without power.'s_Most_Popular

Study: Calorie Cuts Don't Equal Longer Life :: Calorie restriction confers health benefits to monkeys but doesn't increase their life span, a new study suggests, undermining some people's belief that a sharply restricted diet could help them live longer.'s_Most_Popular

100-year-old driver who injured 9 children has current license - Los Angeles Times ::

Greece Makes Late Push on Cuts :: Greece's political leaders appeared close to agreeing on a package of austerity measures, with a deal expected before inspectors from its international creditors arrive in Athens next week.

Scottish independence: Michael Moore makes referendum deal call - BBC News ::


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