Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Crucial Senate Race in Uproar :: Missouri Rep. Akin insists he'll stay in the Senate race despite condemnation over his comments about rape.

Europe Bank Quashes Bond-Buy Talk :: The German government and the European Central Bank both hit back at a weekend report that the ECB was planning to cap the borrowing costs of fiscally strained countries with its unlimited resources.

Gender Barrier Falls at Augusta :: The famous golf club that has long faced criticism because of its all-male membership, invited former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and financier Darla Moore to become the first women in green jackets.

Earthlings Look for Signs in New Photos of Mars - Wall Street Journal :: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443855804577599851584093374.html

NHS hospital trusts invited to expand abroad - BBC News :: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19328105

For China's Gu, Leniency Still a Possibility :: Gu Kailai, the wife of deposed party official Bo Xilai, could be released from prison within nine years on medical parole, legal experts say, despite being given a suspended death sentence for the murder of a British businessman.

The $6,400 Myth :: Breaking down a false Obama Medicare claim.

Todd Akin's Sinking Ship :: The Missouri Republican tries to lose a Senate seat.

Obama warns Assad U.S. could act :: http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/MostRead/~3/-CJ5HJScCfk/us-syria-crisis-idUSBRE8610SH20120820

You've wasted years, Henson! Coach takes hard line with wayward Welsh star - Daily Mail :: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/rugbyunion/article-2191105/Gavin-Hensons-London-Welsh-coach-tries-straight-talking-approach.html

Pop Artist's Lofty Domain :: Artist James Rizzi's apartment on Lafayette Street is now on the market, a place filled with his "essence," according to his brother.

Pump Action Spurs Iraqi Oil Production :: Iraq now produces more oil than Iran. It still has plenty of growth potential.

Is the U.S. Headed Toward Bankruptcy? :: http://feeds.abcnews.com/click.phdo?i c1076413e06b5c5c9c1cecb6a5fc75

Forget the Web, Start-Ups Get Real :: As the frenzy over new Web companies like Facebook and Zynga fades, long-shunned consumer-electronics makers are finding new life in Silicon Valley.

'Baywatch Babe Goes Hunting for Noah's Ark' :: http://feeds.abcnews.com/click.phdo?i�33e5e10bd21fe3e052809b7e17f2b8

The 10 Greatest Books of All Time :: What are they? A new book tries to settle it once and for all.

Best of the Web Today: Randier Than Thou :: The left's weirdest attack on Paul Ryan.

Groupon Investors Give Up :: Some of Groupon's early backers, including Marc Andreessen, are heading for the exits, joining investors who have lost faith in companies that had been expected to drive a new Internet boom.

Aetna to Buy Coventry :: Aetna has struck a deal to buy Coventry Health Care for $5.7 billion in cash and stock, a move that will make Aetna one of the largest providers of government-financed health care.

James Webb: The South China Sea's Gathering Storm :: All of East Asia is waiting to see how the U.S. will respond to China's aggression.

J.P. Morgan Picks 'Whale' Probe Leader :: J.P. Morgan tapped former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond to head the board investigation of the "London Whale" trading fiasco and James Dimon's role in the trading blunder.

Toby Young: After the Olympics, BoJo Has Britain's Mojo :: Waking up next to Elvis on Mars? London's mayor said that's more likely than his vying for the Tory leadership.

The Zombie Red Sox Trudge On :: There is a month of meaningful baseball to be played, but barring a miraculous revival, none of it will involve Boston.

Hopes for Chestnut Revival Growing :: Scientists are on the brink of engineering a blight-resistant American chestnut tree, renewing hope for a comeback of the long-celebrated species.

Investment Moves to Make Now :: The risks are out there. But the markets have remained surprisingly strong. Here are some ideas on how to successfully navigate the rest of 2012.

Arsenal Opens to Familiar Script :: Arsenal opened its Premier League campaign with a familiar script: lots of possession and neat passing, but not enough cutting edge in the final third.

Harvey Silverglate: Gibson Is Off the Feds' Hook. Who's Next? :: The guitar company settlement reveals a disturbing effort by federal prosecutors to silence their corporate targets.

The Panic Over Fukushima :: Japan's nuclear accident was a great human tragedy, but its long-term health effects have been exaggerated—and the virtues of nuclear power remain, writes Richard Muller.

To Battle Iguanas, Puerto Rico Will Put Them on Menu :: Iguanas have proliferated in Puerto Rico, chewing up plants and crops and burrowing under roads and dikes. Authorities have a new solution: eat them—or at least export them to other countries that find the reptiles appetizing.

Dutch Far-Left Leader Warns on Cuts :: The front-runner ahead of the Dutch general elections warned that a single-minded focus on austerity is crippling the country's economy and could unravel the euro zone.


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