Saturday, August 11, 2012

11-Aug-2012 22:59 Ryan

9 Things to Know About Rep. Paul Ryan ::�422978f7844ec11d6486e6fa2ad519

Romney Adds Ryan to the Republican Ticket :: Mitt Romney introduced Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate Saturday in Norfolk, Va., making a selection that will intensify the campaign debate on the size and role of government.

Romney's choice of Ryan reshapes race for White House ::

Ryan adds excitement to Va. bus tour - USA TODAY ::

Romney Selects Ryan to Be His Running Mate ::�6b3e14980c32fd2d02f14cfd276093

Romney Picks Ryan as Running Mate :: Mitt Romney picked Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, a decision that could spark enthusiasm for the Republican ticket among conservatives.'s_Most_Popular

What Politicians Are Saying About Ryan :: Mitt Romney's choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his Republican vice-presidential running mate, which moves the presidential race's focus to spending, taxes and entitlements, drew quick reaction from both sides of the aisle.'s_Most_Popular

Romney Pick Ensures Different Kind of Race :: Mitt Romney's pick of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate wasn't the safest one Mr. Romney could have made. But he best guarantees the country will get the kind of debate worthy of a presidential campaign.'s_Most_Popular

Editorial: Paul Ryan's Cramped Vision :: Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, the architect of budget cuts that would shred basic services, shows where the Republican Party is headed.

Mitt Romney Introduces Paul Ryan as Running Mate ::�51db517a398e0f02da0c28145f01c9

5 Things Mitt Doesn't Want You to Know About Paul Ryan ::

Romney Names Paul Ryan VP Nominee ::

The Angel and Devil in Paul Ryan ::�ce5ddbdc09715fb7e54263d4a84e19

Why Not Paul Ryan? :: Romney can win a big election over big issues. He'll lose a small one.'s_Most_Popular


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