Friday, August 3, 2012

03-Aug-2012 21:48 Op-Ed

Op-Ed Columnist: For God, Texas and Golf :: While the nation is turned off by partisanship, the Republican candidates are being pushed into being more and more intractable. Just look at Tuesday's election in Texas.

Op-Ed Columnist: Debt, Depression, DeMarco :: Most of the blame for our persistently depressed economy lies with the scorched-earth opposition of Republicans.

Op-Ed Contributor: More Noise, More Hearing Loss :: Americans are increasingly aware of the dangers of noise but less aware of how it further handicaps those who already have hearing loss.

Op-Ed Columnist: Freer — and Less Free :: The balance between personal freedom and government oversight has gotten seriously skewed throughout the West.

Op-Ed Contributor: Freewheelin': Bob Dylan, Jonah Lehrer and the Truth :: Jonah Lehrer played it fast and loose in a story, coincidentally enough, about a cultural icon known for liking his facts slippery.


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