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REPORT: FRANCE: Chickens on the balcony, tomatoes on the roof - France discovers urban agriculture ::

From 'Caveman' to 'Whale' :: Bruno Iksil wagered large, and won, in bets last year against a group of junk-bond-rated companies. His trades soured this year, losing the Wall Street bank more than $2 billion.

Photos of the Day: July 12 :: In today's pictures, children cool off in Macedonia, an avalanche strikes the French Alps, a baby is photographed on a water lily in the Netherlands, and more.

Marcia Christoff Kurapovna: The Case for the City-State :: Ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy provide a model for economic dynamism that modern-day Europe could use.

Housing Passes a Milestone :: The U.S. has moved beyond attention-grabbing predictions from "experts" that housing is bottoming, writes David Wessel. The market has turned—at last.'s_Most_Popular

Is the iPhone the Only Camera You Need? :: If you're armed with the right photo apps, editing tricks and shooting know-how, it just might be.

Penn State Of Mind :: Life in State College, Pa., where Joe Paterno reigned, takes place in a bubble. It's a football-first culture that can warp reality — and morality,9171,2101025,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

The 10 Greatest Books of All Time :: What are they? A new book tries to settle it once and for all.,8599,1578073,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Peregrine CEO Arrested :: In a signed statement found in Russell Wasendorf Sr.'s car after he attempted suicide, he wrote: "I have committed fraud."'s_Most_Popular

New Orleans Saints sign Drew Brees to five-year, $100M contract - Montreal Gazette ::

Penn State Pledges Fresh Oversight - Wall Street Journal ::

The Shale Gas Secret :: Why has drilling boomed in America, while it struggles in Europe?

Noonan: Ennui the People :: America is in crisis. Why is the presidential campaign so lifeless?'s_Most_Popular

J.P. Morgan 'Whale' Report Signals Deeper Problem :: J.P. Morgan Chase said traders appear to have hidden problems in a portfolio whose losses have ballooned to $5.8 billion.

News-Sharing Site Digg Sells for $500,000 :: Betaworks has agreed to buy news-sharing website Digg, in an attempt to revive a company that was early to social media but outmaneuvered by rivals.'s_Most_Popular

Elizabeth Smart, 10 Years On: Teaching Kids to Fight Back :: In hindsight, the victim of an infamous kidnapping believes that being taught to resist and fight her abductor might have made an important difference,8599,2116480,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

The Upside Of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated) :: The Upside Of Being An Introvert (And Why Extroverts Are Overrated),9171,2105432,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Rice Floated as Potential VP Pick :: A new round of speculation about Romney's running-mate centered on an unconventional choice: former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.'s_Most_Popular

China's economic growth slows to three-year low - San Jose Mercury News ::

Report: Penn State Concealed Abuse :: A scathing report released by former FBI director Louis Freeh excoriated top Penn State officials for failing to protect boys in a pedophile scandal.'s_Most_Popular

Fed Aware of Libor Problems in Fall 2007 :: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said central-bank officials were concerned about the veracity of the London interbank offered rate in late 2007.

If you add it up, Digg costs come to $16 million, TechCrunch says - Los Angeles Times ::,0,7301026.story

Binge Viewing: TV's Lost Weekends :: Using streaming and DVRs, TV viewers are increasingly gobbling up entire seasons of shows in marathon sessions: How that's changing the game for media companies, advertisers and show creators.'s_Most_Popular

Gold Medalist Reveals Naughty Secret ::

Spaniards Feel Sting of Big Budget Cuts :: Spaniards from all walks of life are girding for the harshest economic-austerity program the country has seen in decades.

The Lafite Phenomenon :: There are at least eight Bordeaux wines that can rival Château Lafite Rothschild's immediate charm, but the Pauillac estate has in recent years eclipsed them all. Will Lyons on the Lafite phenomenon.

Syria Moves Chemical Stockpile :: In a development that has alarmed many in Washington, Syria began moving parts of its vast arsenal of chemical weapons out of storage facilities.

What's Wrong With U.S. Supermarkets? :: Supermarkets' share of U.S. grocery sales have fallen as big-box retailers, warehouse clubs and other new rivals grab more household grocery dollars.'s_Most_Popular

'Do I really need 100% of my pre-retirement income?' ::

Tatum in '50 Shades of Grey' Film? ::�6d107b77e0385e6db8de02eb5aed22


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