Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10-Jul-2012 12:16 America

Americans Sitting Ourselves to Death? :: http://feeds.abcnews.com/click.phdo?i842f96f9e7f01e7618171578313fa22

Arthur Brooks: America Already Is Europe :: In spending, debt and progressivity of taxes, the U.S. is as much a social-welfare state as Spain.

The Greatest American Antihero :: Walter White is badder than ever, but has dark TV become a cliché?

Andrew Coulson: America Has Too Many Teachers :: Public-school employees have doubled in 40 years while student enrollment has increased by only 8.5%—and academic results have stagnated.

Notable & Quotable :: James Madison, in Federalist No. 62, (1788), warns Americans about the dangers of uncertainty in their nation's foreign policies and laws.

Just Say Om :: Scientists study it. Doctors recommend it. Millions of Americans--many of whom don't even own crystals--practice it every day. Why? Because meditation works


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