Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20-Jun-2012 03:11 Microsoft

Microsoft Pulls From Apple Playbook :: Microsoft's first personal computer, the Surface tablet, provides further evidence that Apple's strategies and success continue to shake up the tech sector.'s_Most_Popular

Microsoft Unveils Tablet to Rival iPad :: Microsoft introduced the Surface tablet computer, a sign of the new tactics the company is taking as it tries to make up lost ground in the market for mobile devices.'s_Most_Popular

Remember when 'Microsoft Surface' was a bar table? ::

Microsoft Introduces a Challenger to the iPad :: In its biggest push ever into the hardware business, Microsoft unveiled a tablet computer called Surface that it intends to challenge Apple's iPad.

Microsoft unveils Surface tablet to rival iPad ::

Hands on with Microsoft's Surface tablet ::

Microsoft Surface Tablet: an iPad Killer? ::'831191c6b9bfce246f861cf27707b7


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