Monday, June 18, 2012

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Unwelcome Exposure :: The Irish Travelers dwell in a mysterious parallel universe, temporarily invaded by one mother's scandal,9171,1003381,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

'What My Dad Taught Me About Money' :: For Father's Day, The Wall Street Journal Sunday asked some really, really smart people in the business and financial world what they learned from their dads.'s_Most_Popular

Siblings spend millions for differing political ends - Kansas City Star ::

Wu: A few lessons from the 74th District primary race - Daily Pilot ::

The 10 Greatest Books of All Time :: What are they? A new book tries to settle it once and for all.,8599,1578073,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

I Know Why the Fat Lady Sings :: Why will women happily boast-moan about spending too much, about drinking too much, and about working too hard, but never, ever about eating too much?

Noonan: Who Benefits From the 'Avalanche of Leaks'? :: They seem designed to glorify President Obama and help his re-election campaign.

Iran, world powers fail to bridge nuclear impasse - ::

European Market Rally Fades :: Spain's 10-year bond yield crossed 7% and equities eked out meager gains after relief from the Greek election faded and bad debts held by Spanish banks rose to an 18-year high in April.

App Developers Too Young to Drive :: A growing number of teenagers have joined the app-making frenzy, and Apple, the app industry's ringleader, is encouraging the trend.'s_Most_Popular

Google releases 'troubling' data on government requests to remove content - New York Daily News ::

Computers Harnessed for Pretrial Work :: In the legal world, more pretrial document review is being handed over to computers that use algorithms to determine whether the material is relevant to a case. Proponents say such a process is cheaper and often more accurate.'s_Most_Popular

Coalition Talks Begin in Greece :: Greece's conservative leader Antonis Samaras began talks on forming a pro-bailout coalition government after his New Democracy party eked out a slim victory in Sunday's elections.'s_Most_Popular

Brotherhood, SCAF on collision course - ::

Tom Maynard dead: Model girlfriend Carly Baker pays tribute to Surrey ... - Daily Mail ::

Aimee Copeland agrees to painkillers following skin graft surgery despite ... - CBS News ::

Rodney King Is Dead at 47 :: Rodney King, the man whose videotaped beating by police ultimately led to the 1992 Los Angeles riots, was found dead at the bottom of his pool, police said. He was 47 years old.'s_Most_Popular

Saudis Bury Crown Prince in Mecca :: Members of the Royal Family gathered in the holy city of Mecca to bury the second heir to the throne within eight months, moving the succession process closer to a new generation.'s_Most_Popular

Morgan Stanley Was 'Driver' on Facebook's Wild IPO Ride :: Investment banker Michael Grimes's audacious, successful pitch to minimize input from other underwriters put Morgan Stanley in a position to exert unusual control over Facebook's IPO.

What Home Builders Need: Locations, Locations, Locations :: The recent rise in home building could be thwarted by an unlikely factor, a shortage of land in desirable locations.'s_Most_Popular

Cop in Custody After 10-hr Standoff ::

Greece Backs Bailout :: Greek voters broke months of political stalemate by narrowly endorsing pro-bailout forces in a momentous election, easing fears of an imminent rupture with the euro zone—for the moment.'s_Most_Popular

Along the Canadian-U.S. Border, Skirmishes Go On Over War of 1812 :: Two hundred years ago, the U.S. officially declared war against Britain, starting a two-year conflict that became known as the War of 1812. Two centuries on, skirmishes continue across the Niagara River. The cause: who won the war.'s_Most_Popular

Next, Athens Seeks Coalition, Cuts :: Greece's conservatives eked out a slim victory in Sunday's elections, a result opening the door to a coalition government that will try to keep the country in the euro zone.'s_Most_Popular

Sebastian Thrun: What's Next for Silicon Valley? :: Our digital future isn't all Facebook and iPhone apps. Meet the engineer behind Google X.'s_Most_Popular

What Will New World Order Look Like? :: Simon Nixon: Regardless of what happens at the G-20 summit in Los Cabos or in post-election Greece, we are now at a crossroads.

O'Grady: Panama's Democracy Goes South :: When supermarket magnate Ricardo Martinelli became president in 2009, free-marketeers celebrated, but the honeymoon was short-lived.

Cycling Doctor Under a Microscope :: Luis García del Moral shared in the glory of five of Lance Armstrong's seven consecutive Tour de France victories. Now his role while working as the physician for the U.S. Postal Service professional cycling team in those victories is under attack.

Israeli Tax Preparers Snared :: The Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service announced the indictment of three Israeli-American tax preparers, who are charged with helping U.S. taxpayers hide millions of dollars in two Israeli banks.

Chinese Astronauts Prepare for Docking :: China's top leadership celebrated the launch of China's first female astronaut and two male colleagues into space as the mission gears up for its main objective: an attempt at a manned space-docking scheduled for Monday.'s_Most_Popular


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