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The Nonna State :: Move over, Tiger Moms. In the beaten-down economies of Italy and Spain, the force to reckon with is the army of grandparents who form an invisible safety net helping young people make ends meet.'s_Most_Popular

California Lawmakers Pass Budget on $15.7B Deficit :: Democratic lawmakers have approved a plan to balance California's $15.7 billion deficit without Gov. Jerry Brown's endorsement so they can keep collecting their paychecks,8599,2117426,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Woody Allen on Italian Movies and 'To Rome With Love' :: Woody Allen, whose new film is "To Rome With Love," discusses four Italian movies that influenced him as a director: "Amarcord," "Blow-Up," "Shoeshine" and "The Bicycle Thief."

This Life: The Art of the Wedding Toast :: Some helpful hints for what not to say in a wedding toast, with a few a tips on what to say.

Always Dress to Impress :: You never know when you'll have a date with destiny. Annette Tapert argues in favor of an unrelentingly presentable wardrobe.

Simpson emerges from US Open fog with his 1st major victory - Detroit Free Press ::

Greece Backs Bailout :: Greek voters broke months of political stalemate by narrowly endorsing pro-bailout forces in a momentous election, easing fears of an imminent rupture with the euro zone—for the moment.'s_Most_Popular

Former 'Osbournes' star diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - New Zealand Herald ::

Romney campaigns with grandchildren - ::

Unlocked: In New Jersey Halfway Houses, Escapees Stream Out as a Penal Business Thrives :: A company with deep ties to Gov. Chris Christie dominates New Jersey's system of large halfway houses. There has been little state oversight, despite widespread problems.

Apple enters battle with Google on mobile maps - Boston Globe ::

Saudis Bury Crown Prince in Mecca :: Members of the Royal Family gathered in the holy city of Mecca to bury the second heir to the throne within eight months, moving the succession process closer to a new generation.'s_Most_Popular

Windows users struggle with redesign - ::

Discovering the Beautiful Blends of Paso Robles :: While other California wine regions have staked their reputations on single varietals, Paso Robles seems to be staking its future on blends, of Rhône grapes as well as Cabernet and Zinfandel. It's hard to argue with the results, says Jay McInerney.'s_Most_Popular


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