Wednesday, May 23, 2012

23-May-2012 02:09 Facebook

Facebook Employees Still Cheering? ::

Inside Fumbled Facebook Offering - Wall Street Journal ::

Regulators eye Morgan Stanley's pre-Facebook IPO actions ::

Who downgraded Facebook's prospects? Maybe the company itself - CNET ::

Facebook Slides Amid Roadshow Questions :: Analysts for at least two of Facebook's lead underwriters revised their financial forecasts for the company while it was holding IPO roadshow meetings with investors, benefiting some investors.'s_Most_Popular

Insight: Morgan Stanley cut Facebook estimates just before IPO ::

SEC, FINRA to review Facebook issues, Nasdaq sued ::

Facebook's Mobile Miscalculation :: As Facebook begins life as a public company, one of the biggest question marks is its mobile strategy.'s_Most_Popular

Wall Street struggles to find Facebook's worth ::

Facebook plunges 18% below IPO price ::

Investors Pummel Facebook :: Facebook shares skidded on their second day on the stock market, leaving some investors in the red and raising questions about whether the company and its lead banker, Morgan Stanley, botched the deal.'s_Most_Popular

For Advisers, Facebook IPO Proves a Cautionary Fail :: Facebook's disappointing initial public offering and gloomy trading so far this week are helping financial advisers illustrate a point they've been making to investors for years: jumping into a IPO can be dangerous.'s_Most_Popular

Facebook scraps its paper stock certificates ::


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