Friday, November 18, 2011

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Man charged with trying to assassinate Obama ::

Siri, iPhone 4s App, Scoffs At Heavy Accents (VIDEO) - Huffington Post ::

Playing With Legos Is a Serious Business :: Lego survived the rise of video games and its own brush with bankruptcy. Adult Fans of Lego -- as the aficionados who build complex models call themselves -- present a new hurdle.'s_Most_Popular

In the Garden: Growing Apples Without Pesticides :: Michael Phillips is debunking the commonly held belief that apples can't be grown without pesticides.

Myanmar's Pariah Regime Courts West :: Myanmar's government, in a first extended interview with a major Western news organization in years, called on U.S. officials to abandon sanctions and defended its human-rights record.

Boeing sets record with $22 billion order ::

Deportation Cases of Illegal Immigrants to Be Reviewed :: The Department of Homeland Security is making changes that are aimed at speeding up deportations of convicted criminals and halting those of many illegal immigrants with no criminal record.

Smokers Penalized With Health Insurance Premiums :: Some companies are starting to penalize employees who smoke or are obese by raising their health insurance costs.

Moore says she is ending marriage to Kutcher :: She said that "as a woman, a mother and a wife, there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred, and it is in this spirit that I have chosen to move forward with my life."

Man charged with trying to assassinate Obama :: An Idaho man charged with firing two shots at the White House last week has been charged with attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama or his staff.

$300K stolen in New York ATM skimming scam :: Using hidden video cameras and covert card-reading devices, three men siphoned debit card numbers from nearly 1,500 Chase Bank customers in Manhattan and used the stolen credentials to make nearly $300,000 in transactions and withdrawals, authorities said yesterday (Nov. 16).

Iranian official clashes with msnbc TV hosts :: In a heated television exchange, Larijani calls the United States the biggest state sponsor of terrorism and says Israel is a "racist regime."

Boxing Up Shopping's Magic Moment :: For brands with stores offering a high level of service and design, the challenge is to reproduce a theatrical shopping experience in a cardboard carton.'s_Most_Popular

Benetton Retries Provocation :: Italian fashion label Benetton employs global leaders "kissing" each other in new "Unhate" campaign in a major push to regain ground with consumers.

Woman: Kutcher cheated on Moore with me :: In the new Us Weekly, a San Diego woman gives her account of having sex with the actor on his six-year wedding anniversary with Demi Moore.

Broncos stun Jets with late touchdown - Globe and Mail ::

White House shooter charged with trying to assassinate Obama - NDTV ::

Benetton's new ad campaign: Can anything still shock us? - Los Angeles Times ::

Muslim Brotherhood goes public with Libya summit ::


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