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Walt Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I Knew :: Journal columnist Walt Mossberg shares his personal memories of Steve Jobs, from their late-night gripe sessions to one final walk together.'s_Most_Popular

World posts tributes to Apple's Steve Jobs on Twitter - Independent Online ::

Op-Ed Columnist: Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? :: Mourning Steve Jobs and hoping some of his leadership traits rub off.

Unboxed: Steve Jobs and the Power of Taking the Big Chance :: Part of Steve Jobs's legacy will be the lessons learned by those who worked closely with him over the years.

Steve Jobs: The Secular Prophet :: Steve Jobs turned Eve's apple, the symbol of fallen humankind, into a religious icon for true believers in technology. But can salvation be downloaded?'s_Most_Popular

An Analogy of Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs :: The deaths of Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs brought outpourings of public grief, but while both were celebrated for their genius, Mr. Jobs was also remembered for his humanity.

Small, Private Steve Jobs Funeral Is Today :: A small private funeral for Apple founder Steve Jobs is taking place Friday. There is no public memorial planned, Apple said.'s_Most_Popular

Steve Jobs: 7 Secrets to His Success ::

Common Sense: How Steve Jobs Infused Passion Into a Commodity :: What Steve Jobs understood that others did not was that design works from the inside out — it's the core of the product, not just its outer shell.

Steve Jobs, Apple Founder, Dead at 56 ::�3eab3f221cbf315c601bb75a0f59e8

Steve Jobs' Secret Personal Life ::"36ed9d8653959300ce2299dd984977

Apple's Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011 :: Steven P. Jobs, the Apple chairman and co-founder who pioneered the personal computer industry and changed the way people think about technology, died at the age of 56.'s_Most_Popular

NYT: With time running short, Jobs managed farewells :: In February, Steven P. Jobs had learned that, after years of fighting cancer, his time was becoming shorter. He quietly told a few acquaintances, and they, in turn, whispered to others. And so a pilgrimage began.


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