Saturday, September 24, 2011

24-Sep-2011 01:26

AFGHANISTAN - ANALYSIS: Who killed Burhanuddin Rabbani ... and why? ::

The 9 Top Value-Creating Real Estate Companies - Motley Fool ::

Pippa Middleton at London Fashion Week - Washington Post ::

Director shoots, premieres movie in hometown of St. Charles - Chicago Daily Herald ::

Japan's Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn :: While Japanese sex life sags, the porn industry is healthier than ever — even for septuagenarian stars,9171,1818203,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

Long and short of it: David Beckham launching grandpa underpants range - ::

Eat: Shred Your Inhibitions; Embrace a Surprising Slaw :: Fennel, beets, kohlrabi, even seaweed: if you can slice it, you can transform it into an interesting slaw.

Particles found to break speed of light ::

UPDATE 1-Particles found to break speed of light ::

Up Close: Seeking to Help Boys Keep Their Friends :: Relationships that shut down in adolescence can cause boys to become taciturn, emotionally disconnected men, a professor says.

Noticed: QR Codes Provide Information When Scanned :: QR codes, which are scanned by smartphones, are packed with data about products and people.

Op-Ed Contributor: Peace Now, or Never :: This is the last chance for the two-state solution. Israel's leaders must focus on making tough decisions, not their political survival.

Editorial: Taxes, the Deficit and the Economy :: President Obama's tax proposals are fair and based on sound economics.

The 9 Top Value-Creating Pharmaceutical Companies - DailyFinance ::

Playing Favorites :: Never mind what your parents told you. They had a favorite child — and if you have kids, so do you. Why it's hardwired into all of us,9171,2094371,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular

FRANCE: First women fined under France's burka ban ::

Munger Road film generates interest - Suburban Life Publications ::

University of Chicago Gets $42 Million Gift for Bucksbaum Institute :: A new center is intended to teach medical students how to have a better relationships with their patients.

Library lifts century-old ban on Mark Twain book :: A Mark Twain book with nude illustrations was added back to a Massachusetts library after a 1906 ban was lifted this week. It was plucked from shelves hours after its return on Thursday.

Op-Ed Columnist: What Would Willow the Cat Do? :: Congress sure has been busy since it raised the debt ceiling. Lots to talk about there. But, first, how about that cat from Colorado being found in New York?

Opinionator: Challenging the New Health Care Law :: In passing its own health care act, Virginia seceded from the reach of the federal health care law.

Design Notebook: On Kickstarter, Designers' Dreams Materialize :: A growing number of designers are using the Web site Kickstarter to get their sketch pad ideas into production, through crowd-sourced financing.

Charlie Munger's Wisdom, Poker and Votes - ::

FRANCE: Racist slogans found on Muslim graves in French military cemetery ::

LIBYA: NTC meets stiff resistance in Sirte and Bani Walid ::

Palestinians Seek Statehood at U.N. :: Palestinians asked the U.N. to accept them as a member state, defying U.S. and Israeli opposition and sidestepping years of troubled negotiations in the hopes of re-energizing their quest for an independent homeland.'s_Most_Popular

"Faster than light" particles threaten Einstein ::

High-flying gold crashes in record $100 freefall ::

Missing Utah Mom: Father-in-Law Arrested on Child Porn Charges ::�2499829d25a9432740cc8271950cbd

He'd Like a Virgin - Slate Magazine ::


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